my new hookah!!

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  1. just got this from a friend for $30. i know its not that nice for a hookah but its pretty sweet. you cant even feel the smoke in your lungs its crazy. i also got some cool flavors of shisha. just thought id post it up here...

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  2. Sick dude. :D

    I used to have a sick Hookah.. But it turned out to be quite an expensive habbit.
  3. You should make some some bud shisha man its simple then you can mix it with some awesome flavors and get nice n high without having to mix and burn your bud in it! I looove hookahs hahahaha
  4. i can already tell after buying shit for it haha :smoke:

    Now how would i go about doing this? I was thinking about it recently but wasn't really sure how i should mix it up
  5. I have the same hookah as you, i love it. but it does get expensive. i just love the feeling of doing huge smoke tricks

  6. Word! I'd suggest starbuzz fuzzy navel. oh god. sooooooooooo tasty!

  7. you pretty much need...honey and some bud, and safe to digest glycerin. You can use a variety of other things with the bud, like higher quality rolling tobacco, to make it more like an actual shisha, or reduce some mashed fruit into a nice thick sauce and add to flavor, but, you pretty much grind the bud, then (you can actually also use molasses) add the honey or molasses and stir to COAT (just a semi thick coating, not a soaking) everything evenly, then, very slowly add a little bit of glycerin. Cover and let it marinate over night. You may want to let it dry out a little bit before using depending on how much honey you ended up adding, AND some people prefer to heat the honey and add a bit of water to it, BEFORE adding to the mix to make it more of the consistency of shisha you buy... homemade looks different, and tastes 100x better IMO, and i think we all know what happens when you just mix bud doesnt get the full soak and actually burns...adding an odd flavor to the experience....made this way with the bud in the entire process + the glycerin, the bud wont actually burn, the liquid will heat to a point where its boiling, and it SHOULD essentially be a nice thick vapor hit session.... thats what you want. Because of the liquid its not really as much smoke...but it still is....its hard to explain if anyone knows more on the burning process of it feel free to add lol
  8. There are companies that make flavored molasses for use with hookahs that don't have any tobacco. You'd probably be able to use that to mix your bud into.
  9. sounds complicated but i trust your word haha. where would i find this safe-to-digest glycerin?
  10. and to Rancoor, that sounds like that would work too. since both of these ideas are basically a solution to make the bud not burn, im sure they would both work out maybe mixed with a little shisha for a more smokey effect

  11. :hello: I am going to have to try this. Sirsog ftw

  12. I haven't actually used my hookah in a LONG ass time, but it's a pretty nice 2.5 footer golden glass base silver top engraved C3PO on it, because me and my friends have a nice homemade 1 gallow glass upside down gasmask bong named R2D2 and the 2 can be combined in all sorts of ways to make a ridiculous double chamber hookah/bong injection system hahaha. I used to make bud shisha because we get really sick of the bud burning when its just mixed in, if you can get a hold of some hash to mix in with the shisha too when you make it....words can't even explain what it's like to smoke a hookah the way it is designed to be smoked from hahahaha. If you dont have recommend getting a nice coal cover to subsitute for makes the burning process work more efficiently and if you get a LEGIT one its designed to make the vapor/burn ratio perfect so its more healthy
  13. [​IMG]

    kinda like this, only there shouldnt actually be a hole in the center and maybe a few of the others really close could be exluded so the air is more going down over the coal and to the side instead of under the coal, it creates a mega hot pocket of air you dont need.
  14. Friend has that exact same one. Look into growing your own tobacco and making your own shisha
  15. Thanks for all the info Sirsog! That sounds like some good shit with the fruit in it. And I do have a legit cover we just used the tinfoil because we only tried a little shisha and it's much easier with tinfoil when only smoking a small bowl. I'm definitely going to try something cool with the shisha like what you suggested, thanks for the ideas

  16. yea the foil does come in handy for less amounts, just make sure to NOT put holes under the coal....makes for a much better flavor hahaha

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