My new hip-hop mixtape, honest opinions?

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    Hey peeps, 
    I just released a brand new hip-hop mixtape I've been working on for the last chunk of months, and wanted to post it on here for anyone to listen, and then also feedback if you want. 
    It's a grimey sort of psychedelic, new school hip-hop tape, with an old school feel and a focus on lyricism and storytelling through stream-of-consciousness, abstract rap. 
    I dropped out of college in 2012, and even though I've always done good in school, the kids I hung around with (stoners/"Deadbeats") always were shunned, and together, with me, we were labelled and outcasted, just like any group of teenagers, BUT ANYWAY, it inspired me to write this album, and sort of show a look at the rural, back-woods, pill-poppin, drug-dens of Maine look like, and what it's like to grow up in them and be a product of them. 
    So ya, enough talk, here's the music!

  2. I'd really love some feedback if anyone wants to take the time to listen?
  3. Post it on soundcloud and i'll listen fo sho.
  4. Not half bad. A different mic will help, also write a lot and start to freestyle more the more you freestyle the more quicker the rhymes will come

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