My New Haircut (Video)--funny as hell

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    "Fuckin Jagerbombs!"

    aahah some funny stuff :smoke:
  3. "Not now, chief. I'm in the zone."

    Haha funny shit...

    The way the guy looks at the bar... how he shows the pic of everyone having the same haircut... thats every albanian around here.
  4. Wheres The Fucking Protien Mom?
  5. That part where hes workin out killed me...

    "yea, I grunt when im getting my swell on at the gym....thats because everyone should see how fucken jacked and tan I am."

    good shit:smoke:

  6. Haha! my favorite part too.
  7. Ha, I see jackasses like this guy every night I work. Walking around in a collar popped one buttoned shirt, acting like they are the biggest pimp in the club. Ignorant idiots
  8. for the fans of my new haircut:p
    [ame=""]YouTube - My New Syrup-Spoof of My New Haircut[/ame]

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