My New Haircut Spoof- My New Bong

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  1. I've been thinking about spoofing "My New Haircut." I wrote out the transcript but need some more help finishing a few places. I'm also looking for any advice on how to make what I have better. I want to keep this spoof pretty close to the original.

    Here's what I have so far:

    (sunglasses at night-cory hart plays with disclaimer) -6 to 7 sec
    L2x productions presents- 3-4 sec
    My New Haircut-5 sec
    I was at Sean’s, smokers only, ya know, got myself a new piece,
    Hey bro, 2 bowls over here
    They want a shot at the title, ya know, gotta make sure they’re ready
    You know what this is, this is my new fuckin bong, you know what that means, im getting high tonight. My boys, they’re coming out, they all got the same bong, they’re all getting high tonight
    (breathes in and out in anticipation of hit)
    Im going to burn every bowl that gets passed to me, alright. Im going to burn them till I hack up a lung. Stoners love my bong, and if they don’t, fucking prohibitionists.
    Fuckin prohibitionist
    Fucking prohibitionists
    Fucking prohibitionist
    Yeah this shirt’s made of hemp, cuz im a fuckin stoner and everyone should know it
    Swear to god, one motherfucker skips me in rotation, im blowing smoke at them (skips him in rotation)
    Fuckin skippin me? Huh?
    (walks from car to inside a building with bong on shoulder)
    (walking in the building) smoke time
    (walking past desk)sir, you can’t bring that in here. Not now chief, im fuckin elevated.
    Im a fucking stoner, ugh!!!
    Yeah i eat pot brownies, i eat that shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    I’m in control baby. I’m in fuckin control. Fuckin pro—fuckin protein! Wheres the god damn protein mom!? Told ya to get me some protein! Fuck!
    Yeah i grunt when i get my swell on at the gym, thats cuz everyone should fuckin see how jacked and tan i am
    ONE! ONE! ONE!
    2 fuckin jager bombs down here chief
    High Times Magazine!
    Im gonna get fucking faded tonight, im going to smoke OG Kush and Purple Haze all fuckin night. Purple Haze, fuckin shower in that shit.
    Fuckin Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
    fucking Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
    (takes giant rip) Purple Haze
    Coming to a south shore or queens bar near you (white text, black background, center aligned)
    Feel free to make any changes or additions as you see fit. I just need more ideas.
  2. i saw a video called my new bong. different play.. but i will find it and paste it.

    [ame=]YouTube - My New Haircut: Stoner Edition (My New Bong)[/ame]

    hope it gives ideas or something
  3. Thanks man. I did take an idea or two from that.

    I hope my video will be slightly better ;)

    We intend on changing scenery and talking more aggressively like the original. I only need help with a couple lines.

    " Yeah I take greens when I get the bowl passed to me, that's cuz everyone should fuckin see how greedy and selfish I am.
    ONE! ONE! ONE!"
    Can't figure out how to change the long sentence to fit with the second line.
  4. He coughed while exhaling! Not a good idea.

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