my new growbox "thespaceship"

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  1. So hello everyone I am new here, this will be my 1st grow, I am tryin to do all this as good as i can. :) So here we go,

    my box is 24" deep, 26" wide, and 63" tall.
    made of all lightweight materials. (PVC and reflective board)
    ( i dont know if anyone has done it with the stuff i used for the walls but seems to have been very easy cheap and worked well. i may cover with mylar. but so far it reflects light REALLY WELL)
    I have a 4inch centrifugal fan acting as an exhaust on the top right
    and a 6 inch passive intake on the bottom left. covered with an air filter to get out any nasty things.
    i used reflective tape to cover up any gaps or lines thus making the entire inside reflective.

    I have a 21gallon rubbermaid for my DWC with 3 holes in the top for 3 net pots.
    ( i think im only doing 2 plants for my first grow)
    Im going to cover the top of the res to make it reflective and lightproof.
    one dual port pump with two 6inch airstones
    water pump (to pump in and out water without moving my res and possibly for a drip system later on)

    400 watt MH/HPS with remote ballast (hasnt came in the mail yet)

    Botanicare nutirents.

    thermometer/hygrometer for growbox temp and humidity
    (where should i be keeping my temp and humidity? 70-80 for both?)

    Once I have my light, this grow will begin.

    any help suggestions or questions are appreciated!
    thanks to anyone that has helped so far.
    and now for the pictures!!

    in progress

    closed up in the closet

    all done ! (minus the light)

    My nutes.

  2. quick questions,
    anyone know of a way to make my fan a little less loud?
    it makes quite a bit of noise.

    also any comments or suggestions to further improve upon my growspace and knowledge
  3. I LOVE IT!!! HAHA i would just get high and sit in there for hours and watch my babies grow and pretend i was soaring thorugh the galaxy in my spaceship!!! your my hero.

    as far as the fan goes. i've got a 'speedster' variable speed control. its a unit that you plug your fan into then you plug the unit into the wall. all it has is one knob, the speed control. you can control how fast your inline fan runs! brilliant. you can get them all over online or in any hydro store for aruond 30-40 bucks!!

    p.s. I love your SPACESHIP!!!
  4. greenman thanks for the great feedback.
    hahaits my 1st grow nothing special. but i do plan on watching my babies grow for hours at a time. haha
    i will be starting the actual grow this weekend. gotta go pick up my clones as soon as the comes in.
    this is a medical patient grow btw.

    does that lower the cfm? i want a way to keep the fan quiet without hurting my cfm. its currently 171.

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