My New Grow Tent/box (Opinions Wanted Asap)

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    Hey guys I'm working on my grow, I am converting a mini indoor greenhouse. So far I've been lining with Emergency Blankets and now I've started getting rid of light leaks. It's not close to finished, but fuck it.
    Important Parts:
    Apollo Horticulture 400w MH/HPS
    4" Vortex Powerfans 190 cfm fan
    LED Wholesalers GYO2305 Carbon Filter
    What are your opinions on this and do you think I'll be able to do a plant or two in this?
    UPDATE 6/18/13
    Okay I just finished setting up some stuff in it. I still need to setup a base pan, temp/humid gauge, finish ducting on right side of cool tube. Check this out I just did a boot up video too!
    Power Board:
    With filter:

  2. In reply 2urPM, Yeah I like this, I just know those junky greenhouses are as rickety as hell, but is highly transportable too, I don't like how you got that air filter on the ground I'd raise that 12" or so, allow more room for even more plants, 400w HPS/Mh does 9 plants in 1 square meter or square yard real good to 3 feet high in 3 months, maybe better in 4 months,( I work with 600w HPS using the same formula) avoid heavy sativa strains, as will induce mold, white widow or northern lights is ideal, keep a temp. gauge and humidity gauge in there, avoid filter use when humidity is high as moisture impedes function.
    This tent? you may find on your second grow too small, I prefer 4 foot wide version, as gives more room to do more? like use a vegging T5, your current tent above would be ideal to use on 2 mother plants, later once you got a few grows done consider this.
    If I was at your place I'd recommend you climb in and blaze one up, just to check all is sealed and see how you feel after 10-15 minutes, but these glasshouse's may not hold your weight...?
    Good Luck 
    ps consider:
         Wow thanks a ton for the hq reply man! I really appreciate it.
         As for the filter setup I know, it's only in there for me to visualize when it's running. I plan on saving up some cash for a nice tent but first I'll give this a grow.
         For checking for leaks; sounds like a great idea to me! I just finished sealing last night and I'll do that now with a nice king size raw. It has about another hour on the heat test (I'm running it sealed up for a full 8 hours to see if temps get to high. I actually have a temp/humid gauge I just had the bare essentials in those pics.
         Thanks for all of the help man I wish we still had rep!
  4. No repz....., but do try to remove all and any bends and kinks in the vent tubing, tough I know but will reduce noise and improve venting
    I know, I plan on stretching it and trimming it up. This was a test. Even with the kinks and extra length, I couldn't hear the grow - at all - from even right outside the rooms door. I walked around the house while it was running, zero noise.
    My temp. test just finished earlier, max temp. reached was 79 degrees F.
  6. Hey guys I just updated op today with new pics and a test video! Please check it out and comment on the changes / suggest something?!
  7. whether heat is an issue or not it would be best to put the ballast outside of your enclosure.
    You remove the heat from that space making it easier to cool and you reduce the chances of something going wrong with the ballast and ??? occuring. Also you will reduce the chances of getting water onto it which could result in fire or other untold woes.
    Just as an IMO, for what you have done here it looks just fine. If you build another one I would suggest using wooden trim 1x2 or similar and wrapping it with white one side plastic made for that purpose. It costs more but it is very light and very sturdy for plastic. It will stop light if you have no gaps period. I personally feel white is a better reflective surface for even light distribution.
    anything you can keep off of the floor other than pots/trays/table is better in the long run. You do not want to get that filter wet at all if you can help it. It can turn into a nice brick if you do. Same goes for high humidity and those types of filters. It should not go above 75% for very long or it will kill it much faster. Not that you should ever be up at 75% to begin with.
    In the end I would recommend when you get rich buy a couple of real grow tents. You don't need the top of the line either. I have several sizes myself and qualities and all the mid grade are great. It was only the tiny low end one I have that has issues but not that affect it for my use. EBAY EBAY EBAY. you can get them cheap on ebay if you know what to look for.
    I know it can be a cost issue and for some they just love do it yourself. Keep in mind there are plenty of DIY projects that you could be doing rather than hand building enclosures that might be more satisfying in the end. Either way keep working on it and perfect your methods and you will be happy.
    Another awesome post. I fucking love GC.
    Anyways, I plan on getting a 3x3 grow tent after this one finishes ;p actually the same one that was mentioned above. As for the humidity, I'll keep that in mind thanks! The filter is elevated about a foot and a half. I now have my tray in and a couple empty 1gal pots just for me to visualize.  I think I'll end up moving that powerboard to the outside, just not sure where yet. Last temp I took of it was 105, I'll be checking it again in 20 minutes. 
    How would you guys setup plants in here? Would you go for a bunch of small plants or a couple larger ones? What size pots would be appropriate in there? I have no idea when it comes to details like that...
    If I do many pots, I'll do a sog type grow, if few I plan on lst'ing them and then possibly top/fim'ing them. (something like from this tut)
  9. I actually had something kind of like that for my first grow, it's cheap if you do it yourself and it gets the job done, just when you get some spare cash invest in something a little more solid, or make it a point to screw some boards to the box at some point to make it more sturdy, it's worth it in the long haul. 

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