My new grow tent and transplanted plant

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  1. Hey guys posting new pic of my grow tent I plan on getting a bigger one soon but thats what I got so far. And quick question too do you guys think from the pics that I can try and force the sex now or still wait? Haven't seen anything yet just a lot of hair all over the stem not Long hairs though

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  2. If you see "hairs" on the stem it's a girl, they come out of the calyx, but your plant looks pretty young to be showing sex. Plant looks healthy, a little droopy from the transplant in guessing? Also, clay pots are not our friend, especially indoors.

    The only way to force sex is switch to 12 hours of light. Only do that if you're ready to flower. You don't want to be switching back and forth. Remember your plant may triple in height while flowering, so plan accordingly. Goodluck
  3. Oh boy didnt know all that yeah its only a month and two weeks old. Had a struggle at first but then took off. And yeah when I was transplanting into the plastic pot you see I knocked a tiny bit of the roots of the plant at the very bottom just a little but hoping that didnt affect it much.any advice though is greatly appreciated as this is my first plant
  4. I'm also on a 24-0 light schedule as I heard its not bad for the plant however if I hear differently I will switch to the 18-6 method

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