My new grow setup has me with a few questions

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  1. Hey guys, i'm brand new to growing but have done a good bit of research so far. My biggest concern and really my last question has to do with airflow and venting. I have a 4'x4'x6.5' grow tent setup in my "den" room, and I plan on growing 2-4 plants at a time via RDWC. I'm using a 150w HPS light, and I have no idea what to do for airflow and venting.

    My apartment is setup in a long, narrow floorplan, with only a window in my bedroom, and a sliding glass door at the end furthest from the front door. The room the tent will be in is right next to the front door, so across the apartment from the sliding door. The room has no window itself, but an open cutout into the main living room. If I install a vent with a duct fan to vent out directly into the room, run duct work down low along the ground to the door of the grow-room for an intake, and have a few fans inside the tent for air circulation, will that be good enough? If not...does anyone have any ideas or advice? I know i'll need to keep an eye on temperature as well. Thanks!
  2. cut two circular holes about 6-8inch in diameter one on either side of the tent and acquire 2 squirrel fans one blowing in one blowing out. your light shouldn't be putting off to much heat being so small but airflow is good and strengthens the stalks
  3. First off, I think you need a bigger light for flowering in that tent if you're going to grow more than one or two plants. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to the amount of good strong light they get during the flowering cycle. You can flower off 4 plants with that 150 watt hps bulb, but you're not going to get the good development on all four plants that you're hoping for. We flower with 4 1000 watt hps bulbs per room, size approximately 8 x 12, and I've found over time that 5 to 6 plants is about all I can put under one of those lamps and get proper development all over my plants. If you put too many under a lamp that isn't strong enough, you're just going to get a bunch of shading on all your plants and none of them will develop like they could. If I was going to flower off 4 plants at a time, and your tent is the perfect size for that, I would at least put a 600 watt hps lamp in there for flowering, and even that would probably require some rotation of the plants throughout the flowering cycle for even light distribution. But you can harvest more off one plant that has optimum conditions and environment than you can by stuffing 3 in the place where only one should go. Realistically, these lamps can only cover so many square feet adequately and the manufacturers tend to push that square footage a bit if you ask me. Your only problem is that with more wattage in your lighting, you're going to create more heat in your tent which will probably complicate your ventilation issues. Have you thought about what you're going to do when the plants get into flower pretty good and start smelling to high heaven. I don't know if smell is an issue in the apartment you are living in or not, but they're going to smell up the world unless you've taken that aspect of it into consideration and have plans to deal with the smell. One more thing. Be sure and put as much time and effort into learning the process of growing these plants as you do thinking about the setup you're going to grow them with. Both work hand in hand and knowing half the story only leaves you lost and confused once you get plants actually up out of the ground. There are lots of posts in the "new grower" threads here on the forum dealing with the very basics that each grower needs to know in order to get one of these plants from seed to harvest with the least problems possible. Soil, water, pH range, potting technique, watering technique, lighting, when to start nutes and what nutes are and how they work, etc. There is a whole lot of just basic stuff you need to take the time to learn if you don't want to have a stressful first grow. Good luck!! TWW
  4. Sounds good. Should I rig the exhaust fan up near the top or does it matter much for this exact application. Thanks!
  5. Thanks The Widow White! Good advise. I plan to start small with just 2 plants, and if this is something I enjoy i'll be upgrading lamps and going further.

    For the smell, I was just thinking about that a few minutes ago during lunch, and I think I will need to install a charcoal scrubber and a decent in-line fan to push air out of the tent. If i'm understanding the theory correctly, when the tent is sealed the air will enter the filter, be pushed out of the tent via the fan, and should minimize odor to the outside. Am I correct in that thinking?

    Thanks for the tips on reading up here. Between this and (I needed the basics spelled out to me very concisely it seems) I have done a ton of reading before I even started shopping, and I plan to continue learning and reading as much as I can going forward! This is a pretty damn neat community and i'm excited to join.


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