My new grow room. Any help would be nice..

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  1. sup fellas....moved my grow space to the spare room in my house... this wardrobe is 330mm x 1250mm x 1380mm much better than my last space, which was probably only 1/3 this space...

    My current setup:

    15w cfl lamp ground
    20w cfl hung
    15w 1ft flo tube hung
    fan heater used to up the temperature when it's low (since the lights at the mo suck) and the cold air fan is running most of the time...

    Next week i'm buying 2 x 100w 5ft flo tubes to hang from the top, plus a proper fan (the current one sucks up ALOT of electricity..), timer for my lights and maybe a couple cfls. The lights i have at the mo i will get rid of when my new ones arrive..

    as you can see from the pictures, a few have sprouted... couple are over an inch and the rest are just under, or just above the soil...i watered them just before i took the pics, thats why they look very wet...

    I've noticed the 3 tallest plants have started to droop...what could be causing this?
    These pots are only 3.5" in diameter, so how tall would my plants have to be till i should transplant them to bigger pots?

    any advice,answers to qustions please express yourself...i'm a newb that needs some help with my baby girls:eek:

    Will post up to date pics every couple of days.
  2. forgot pics....

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  3. some more...

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  4. a couple are stretching for light a bit... maybe try to taking the cage-looking incasing off the lights if you can and put them horizontally over the plants and a bit closer

    edit: oh, and always should have only one plant per pot.... need to carefully separate those with more than one per pot
  5. but get more lights bro
  6. na man i dont think they're stretching...coz the tallest one is about 2 inches, and the 2 CFL's are about 1-2 inches above the top of the plants, and they havnt got caging, it's unfortunatly built on to the light fitting, im sure that doesnt effect it anyway - tons of light shines through both of the CFL' they cant be stretching at 2 inch can they?
  7. i've been told that 2-3 plants per pot (as long as the pots are bigger than the 1s i have now...) is fine...correct me if im wrong

    oh yea and can anyone answer my Q's?
  8. yea they are stretching a wee bit... and also get a fan on those puppies if u dont already have one... other then that looking good :)
  9. yep i have a fan running as we speak on them (as seen in pics) ;) its also got a heater so if they get a bit chilly...i jst run that for a few secs and it heats right up!
  10. well, 2 or 3 per pot at this age now is technically fine, but the problem lies in the fact that soon their roots will tangle together and it will be hard to separate them without damaging the roots, so that is why its recommended only 1 per pot... they do need to be separated... the sooner the better, or eventually the roots will compete for space and the strongest one will kill off the others even in just a week's time they will build up a root mass larger than you think

    I'd only ever put them in one container if it was like a propagation tray that had little dividers, and even then I wouldn't leave them there very long, because they'll need more space
  11. ohhh damn that lets say two are the same height. They grow at the same rate right next to eachother in the same pot ... they eventually end up being 1ft tall each... would one end up completly killing the other (stops growing and dies) ?

    My question is basically: at what size would the big threat start?
  12. even just a few inches tall. they could possibly both die too. don't panic though. just go get a big table spoon and scoop 'em out now and get them in their own homes. :)

    be careful to get under the taproot when you do it. you'll need to transplant all of em to bigger pots in probably about 7-10 days... sooner than you expect i'm thinking. when you go to do it you'll see what i'm talking about about how much roots will be down there :p
  13. sweet as bro cheers for that. you've just saved a few of my plant's lives :D
    i'm sure when my girl's have grown up they would thank you personally ;)
  14. pics taken at 12:30pm...the taller plants have straightened out but are still stretching...:eek: so i've stopped using the heater and kept on using the fan cooler.....2 still havnt sprouted:(
    ....Will be sepreating the plants in the same pots to seperate pots today...

    Am buying more stuff for the room like light,proper fan, timer etc tomorrow:D
    ...Have also just transplanted 6 sprouts to bigger pots. Will post up pics 2mrw

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  15. Have just bought an 80w 4ft tube flo and a timer. Will be buying another 80w 4ft'er flo tube and a fan in 4 or so days.
    Will post pics when it's set-up
  16. :mad:
    lol sounds good to me. if they make it, bring one over to visit me. ;)

    how much are you spending on floros, bro? in the end you might be better getting a $90 hps from ... not sure how much you are spending at the moment, but if you are getting up in that range might as well go with the HPS
  17. yea cheers for the idea, but i only (had) $130 for the set up, already have 1 out of 2 4ft 80w flo tubes ($50ea), timer ($13) ... still needa buy a fan - that's it for now...
    Pretty keen to buy some mylar and more shit for it but far too poor at the mo since i have no job n shit. have set the timer for 18/6, is it too early for that or?? coz the tallest is about 2 1/2 inches above soil...

  18. they were $50 each? ouch! if only you had got the 400w hps in the beginning... you'd have it and 10 bucks still! lol can you take them back? because seriously, that's 100 bucks and you could get a 400w HPS for that price that will produce MUCH better. I mean... if you can take them back and get the money, that's DEFINITELY the way to go..

    for the lights... nope, 18/6 is good....
  19. k. nah i can't take it back aye, i wish i'd had thought to look for an HPS or MH sooner, my grow room temp's only at 15 degrees celcuis which is too low... i had the new light on all night and thought there would be some different in the plants this morning but, only 1 has stretched heaps the others look the same...hmmm...well, by thursday i'll have another one....hope that works out alright...
    The plants probably stretching bad ass coz the light is like 15cm away...would be much closer if my dad didnt run out of chain!:eek:

  20. i've decided to use my brain for once and i raised the plants since i couldnt lower the light:smoking: ....the depth between top of plants and lights is between 2 - 4", since my grow room is uneven:eek: ..
    Since i put in the new light last night...this morning i found small traces of white stuff on my plants, around some pots and on small amounts of soil / bark, my mum says it might be mildue which is easily fixed, just mix some milk with water...see what you guys think if you can make it out (circled in red).
    The lankiest bitch of em all is 2" tall (prob 2 and a half " since some is under soil from transplant) and still looks like its stretching like a bloody rubber band...

    So far i'm using:

    1 x 80w flo tube w/ ballast (what is a ballist exactly? it says it on the box:eek: )
    Grounded timer
    Superthrive every few days
    Slow release plant food

    This week i'm also buying:

    1 x 80w flo tube w/ ballast
    3-speed fan
    4 x adjustable angle lights on a single base
    4 x 25w cfl's

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