My new glass piece.

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by iTraffic, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    I like it, it hits great and it's small and portable. 17 dollars, it's a bit fragile though. I know glass is fragile but it's kind of thin, but I love it!
  2. its chinese as hell. but hey, it gets the job done, and does what its meant to do.
  3. its so tiny, i call those moustache burners.

  4. It's not as small as it looks, but I love it haha.

  5. bummmmp.
  6. That's what she said

    That's what he said

    And for the pipe it a ok deal for a china one
  7. i got on just like it and im in love with it.
  8. Honestly, I just bought practically the same piece a few weeks ago. I have starting building up res, and it is nice and blue, it looks so sweet. We pretty much have the same bowl haha...

    By the way it hits so nice. If you corner the bowl right you can get green on top up until the last hit because it burns underneath. Treat that piece right.

    Where did you get it? I am from Michigan...

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