My new glass piece

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    Hey guys, I have been lurking here for a while but i might start posting more soon.

    Got 2 brand new glass pieces online a couple days ago. My friend really wanted the color changer so i sold it to him

    My piece

    Cost me $16 + $4 shipping

    I love it. Hits so great. The carb hole is huge

    check it out. these are the photos that were on the item when I bought it.
    Imageshack - twisty2
    Imageshack - twisty3

    and this photo I took (shitty cam, sorry)

    Imageshack - twisty4

    my friend's new piece

    the seller i bought from had a deal. if you buy one glass, shipping is $4, if you buy another, shipping is only $1. so my friends glass was only $10 (for the glass) and $1 for shipping

    total was $31 including shipping for both of those.

    Imageshack - cc1j
    Imageshack - cc2u
    Imageshack - cc3d

    I've smoked out of both of them. i love them
    any ideas for names?
  2. Very nice. I would happily smoke out of that any day :).
  3. word :smoking:
  4. Those are sweet man, sublime is unreal too.

  5. If i catch you lurkin' again, shit's gonna hit the fan.

    Name it ":cool:"
  6. Lol what do you mean?
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    need a name
  8. Oooh it's prettty! :hello:
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    just ordered another Color Changing one


    im probably gonna sell it
  10. name it Moe Lester
    and beastiality
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    I just bought a new glass piece and Im so proud of it haha. I really like it here's some picks:


    It has a decent sized carb and it's just beautiful I think haha. Haven't named it yet but Im thinking about Gazoo for a name. Thoughts?

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  12. Pretty nice glass. A little cheap though.
  13. Well it was around $16 (I dont use dollars) so I guess its average for a glass piece. I dont know but I really like the way it's designed
  14. Mine or his? haha
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    Holy shit this looks exactly like my first piece that is unfortunately no longer with me RIP.
  16. first one tropicana
    second one aqua
  17. I have one identical to the 2nd one you posted. I call it wildberry pop tart because when it's filled in it looks like one. It's a great piece. Sturdy especially for the price. Plus it's not china glass. Win!
  18. Not everyone wants to spend lots of money on glass, don't have to bring other people down...

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