My new glass piece

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    Inline perc and ice catcher, been smoking strong on Girl Scout cookies picked up a half for 150 few days ago.
  2. Very nice, with the perc and ice it must hit smooth ,it looks sweet
  3. Oh yes man it's super smooth with the ice especially! Just picked up some green crack!
  4. I've heard that is some good weed, energetic happy uplifting type buzz,
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    Green crack and boy it's something else got me haulin ass! Why spaced to the max lolol!
  6. To funny, Im growing a Kush plant right now on day 45 of flower, can't wait to see how fat the cola's  get , hope its a happy stone not a put me to sleep  I can't move type [​IMG]
  7. My feet feel like they have concrete around them and I'm doing the sway talking to my friends after hitting my bong!!

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  8. toasted, or well medicated ahaha
  9. No doubt man I'm like super spaced about 3 good bowls and I'm floating.. Between my fiancé and I weve put a gram down in about 2 hours
  10. for sure weed now days is not like the weed from years ago where you can socialize and burn several joints or pass the bong around for ever and just bull shit now you get toasted real quick like
  11. Definetly man it's way more of a spaced out high it seems like now.

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