My new glass piece, oh the horror!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by fniz, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. the 60$one still looks better than the 200$one
  2. i dunno about that.. the 200 dollar in my opinion is "neater".
    what do you think about my stinky brass pipe? i can't afford a glass one, but i want something cooler.
  3. Hell you cant beat that glass pipe! I tried making a wooden one before but it sucked. What kind of parts did you use to make it. I have my glass spoon but I would like to make one too
  4. nuthing roung with brass...but glass is the way to go

    i have 2 spoons... and i love them bouth...

    you can get one pretty cheep ...if you look arround online

    check the citys shop...

    and if you have a fleemarket neer you....they always have the cheepest head shops!
  5. i'm on a buying binge, and i want to ask.. is glass really that much better than brass? i love my stinky brass pipe dearly, especially since i made it. taste isn't bad or anything, is it worth it to change?

    btw you can find the parts in home depot. go to the brass pipe section. if you want an exact description of the parts (it's hard to fit together a good pipe) then i'll give you more info.
  6. they ordered it from here ...and bumped up the prise for
  7. that'd be hilarious.
  8. that's not the same piece, my piece is a dragon steam roller bubbler (not that they sent me the piece as advertised.) bubblers in general are more expensive than dry pieces. I'm sending the piece back monday or tuesday. 20% restocking fee my ass. My credit card company said that the payment is under dispute and 99% chance i'll win. I have so much evidence and pictures. I probably won't have to pay the 6.50$ shipping and the 20% restocking fee. But i'll have to pay for the 6.50$ return shippping.
  9. i really hope you get everything worked out
  10. Wow im sorry to hear about this and i hope you win and dont have to pay any of those crap fees, and im also surprised at CCG my friend has gotten both a nice color changing spoon and a sherlock from them and they were both high quality... really sucks man im sorry.
  11. Have any of you ever been to Woodstock? Not the concert, but the actual town. I have been there about 5 times and everyone in my family loves it. I have brought friends there, and even my little brother has also (he's 12) This may all sound like rambling, but they probably have some of the most relaxed pot laws anywhere, to my knowledge. If you plan on going, go on Saturdays, because that's when they have a flea market and people sell bongs and everything on the street. I even saw cops looking at prices! If you aren't fortunate enough to go on a Saturday, there is only the reggae store to buy pipes and all your supplies. Everytime I have gone, I have seen people publicly smoking. And cops were there too, no one cares! It's a big artist town, and there are sculptures and new age shops everywhere. If you do plan on going, check out those guitars on main street. It's a town locked in an era, at the base of a mountain. It's beautiful and everyone is nice. Hell, you might see me there if you go. Peace.
  13. yea that sucks man realy i feel ya
  14. That bubbler is crap man. You can total tell no time put into it or a bad blower made it. No worth ne were near 200 maybe 30-50.
  15. wow this is an OLD thread!
  16. post the email address of this dude and some way to specify your order. Im sure if we all bother them with emails protesting this something will happen.

  17. haha, oh damn that is old. give us an update!
  18. imagine if CCG had a forum. i could only imagine..... how shitty it would be
  19. what pieces do i need to make it

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