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My New Glass Piece - "Eleanore"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MPower420, May 26, 2008.

  1. I just got this piece yesterday from my neighborhood Smoker Friendly for 30 bucks. It's my first real glass bowl. I had a mini one a few years ago (probably 2 1/2" long) but this is my first TRUE glass bowl. Let's just say... I love this thing. It really caught my eye when I saw it and I knew it was the one I wanted. What do y'all think? :D






  2. looks really nice! that design looks like it wont be affected by res which is sick :hello:
  3. That is an awesome bowl. I love the brightly colored stuff. And that haas a fuckign fat bowlpack to boot. :)nice price as well.
  4. nice piece dude when u said eleanor I thought It would be grey with black stripes LOL
  5. I like the name so much more than I like the spoon. Hell it was the name that made me open this thread up.

  6. I have to agree. Quite a unique name.
  7. What a perfect sized bowl.
  8. Sick! That bowl looks huge. I was able to cram a full gram into my last bowl piece; and amazingly, the piece was portable and suited to personal use as well. Unfortunately, it was taken by the police when a friend of mine got busted using it.

    I went to Doc's (my local hype-central headshop) in Baltimore, and picked up a nice little Chameleon-Glass sherlock piece to replace the giant last Thursday. For any local shoppers, Doc's is definetely NOVA's widest selection of unique, original, and reliable pieces. I can't say for sure whether or not they're all of the same quality, but my new sherlock is excellent. Hits very nicely, Conserves well, has a large-enough-to-pass-around, yet small-enough-for-the-lonely-toker bowl, and shows no signs of being easy to break or any thin weak-spots.

    As for the other shops on the block (Firefly and For Play), I don't think they're quite up to par with Doc's' uniqueness or variety. If there are any tokers in Virginia willing to drive to Norfolk for a high-quality piece should purchase it from an outcast shop called Aardvark Glass on Colley avenue. Pricing is very budget-friendly due to its location (Norfolk is essentially a bunch of intersecting interstates; the State Police are always on patrol), and the quality of the last piece I purchased from them was superb. The piece became something of a legend among acquaintances at school, and a favorite of those who had already taken a hit and proceeded to cough their lungs up.

    *End Ramblings*

    Have fun with that monster! Get fucking stoned enough to support facism!


  9. yessir aardvarks has some good stuff, got my roor and my bubbler there
  10. nice piece, not my favorite colors, but i do love the design
  11. Very nice man
  12. hahaha thanks for all the replies guys. and yeahhhh, thats why i named it eleanore ;) i loved that car and i figured since i liked it so much id give it a cool name haha thanks alot though and happy tokin!
  13. WOW did you really name your bowl elenor?!?! what the fuck kind of name is that

  14. No, he named it Eleanore. Not elenor. What the fuck kind of name would "elenor" be? :rolleyes:
  15. i really like that neon green part. sick piece.
  16. hell yeah dude. i live in md and docs is for sure the best headshop in bmore.
  17. :eek: Owned.
  18. lol i was thinking yellow and black actually, id recommend seeing the original gone in 60 seconds. the cars arent aaas pretty but i thought the movie was better over all. best car chase ever.
  19. weak pipe man. cool name
  20. WOW did you really just ask that?!?! what the fuck kind of guy hasnt seen gone in 60 seconds :rolleyes:

    i can be a smartass too... peace out.

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