My new Glass, Kind Creations

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  1. Just made the drive to Fort-Collins, i went i saw what i was thinking about and why i drove so far, and then i saw this, and just could not resist!
    Pics of my new baby, name well it will be named after its session tonight...

  2. How much did that run you? That unique design is dope and the perc'd A/C is so clean!

    It's clear but colorful in the right places. I dig it.
  3. Glad to see you found one you liked. Looks awesome enjoy it.
  4. the shape reminds me of a phx hd. i like the perc ac
  5. Spent 255$ on the entire setup...
  6. Looks like a good buy man, I love the Kind Creations stuff; it all seems to look good.

  7. It hits absolutely amazing, very smooth, very clean hit, little to no drag so nice!
    Kinda creations is a great glass maker company, there stuff is great, they have great deals, like buy one get the second half off... And since i drove so far and them being so nice, no tax on top great people!
  8. Nice stemless!
  9. damn old thread but i just bought me one too! my stem is straight all the way tho. how do ya like it? mine is very chuggy and the stem isnt long enough to put in enough water, cus when you finish clearing the water shoots out. i have a kind creations inline A/C that rips perfect on it but the tube by itself IMO has some design flaws... just wanted to know what you think of yours?

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