My New Glass Gandalf

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    how do you guys like it? I love it, deep bowlpack and i just love smoking out of glass gandalfs. I bought it on vaction at "Climax" in Orlando FL for $40. Hits sooo good :smoke:
  2. Gandalf's the shit yo
  3. that looks awesome, id definetly get one for driving! or just sittin on my bed lika boss choofin fat bowls
  4. i dont get why there isnt much love for glass gandalfs on these forums, they are awesome.
  5. it looks sick, but really fragile
  6. Incredible looking piece there

    I have a sherlock so I can relate
  7. [quote name='"Fiiv59"']i dont get why there isnt much love for glass gandalfs on these forums, they are awesome.[/quote]

    We all love them, but they're pretty hard to find.
  8. Yeah, until the bitch in front of you slams on the breaks and you stop so fast you crack it on your steering wheel. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
    ......I learned the hard way why gandalf didn't drive a car (besides him being a wizard and automobiles not existing in middle earth).

    Nice bowl though, I loved mine.
  9. I have a color changing one but I never use it. It's rough as shit! I can't believe you enjoy yours.
  10. Man, that thing is beautiful! Better treat it nice, looks fragile.
  11. Last time I got one it broke the same day. I didn't even get to use it :( but my roomie and my girl got me something even better. It was a good birthday.
  12. just got done smoking another bowl outta this :smoke:

    it is definitely my main solo sesh piece, i love how it hits and its so chill :)
  13. Beautiful!!! Simply, beautiful!!
  14. gandalf woo
  15. Gandalf FTW bro! I wish I could smoke in something like that:smoke:
  16. It's a beauty but it seens like if you look at it wrong it would shatter into a million pieces
  17. Naw, treat it with the respect it deserves, itll last you maybe the year, lol.
    Really, I love this kinda pipe!!

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