My new gaming pc!

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Ciscokid930, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Intel Core 2 Quad running at 2.87 ghz (origionally 2.3)
    ATI Radeon HD4870 with a gig of ram oc'd to 800 mhz and the memory oc'd to 900 mhz 4 gigs of memory oc'd to 1220 mhz
    1 TB Samsung HD and a 500 GB Western Digital HD
    Mach 1 600 Watt Power Supply

    and a video of my setup...

    [ame=]YouTube - My Computer Setupppppp![/ame]
  2. nice is it water cooled
  3. jeez, save some energy for the rest of us!

    lol i built a rig similar to that many years ago. It only lasted about 6months before I was so sick of the lights and how loud it was(think of trying to sleep with a vacuum cleaner decorated in bright led lights) sold it. Built a fast stealthy case. no sound, no lights. just fast. dont even know its on.

  4. oh... i know how it is... this is right at the foot of my bed

    ... but for some reason i sleep better with lights on and with ambient sound so its cool
  5. sweet man, flashy!

    reps to you sir

    i'm assuming you put it together and it not being prebuilt?
  6. you got it
  7. Nice Rig man!!! how come only 2.87Ghz? What waterblock and Rad Are you using? and what kind of Quad is that and what motherboard?? sorry lol im a pc buff myself. i like the acrylic case very nice i bet finger prints must be a bitch.
  8. lol fingerprints....i'd be ocd on that...GOTTA BE CLEAN :)
  9. I want to build a rig and submerge it in mineral oil or something like that.

    Supposed to work really well.
  10. im keeping it fairly low... i can rarely use this pc to its full potential as it is, theres no need for anything more...

    and im using a dangerden water block and a dangerden rad...

    i really don't care about fingerprints on it, it i did id be going crazy
  11. That works well if you dont mind if temperatures are high. A water cooling loop is much better than mineral oil because you would need to somehow cool the mineral oil, and its thicker than water, so it would create pressure the pump doesnt need.
  12. Nice rig but.....

  13. I'm so glad that you proved yourself wrong. Athlon is not a manufacturer, but Intel is. Athlon is a product line from AMD, the same people who make Radeon video cards. So pretty much you are saying you would rather have older technology? Whenever something new comes out such as the SkullTrail motherboard which supports 8 cores and has for a long time. Also, this is not a server motherboard, which means AMD has nothing to compete with this.

    Thanks for playing:p
  14. Man that is one nice setup! I don't even have my crappy gaming pc at the moment. I'm stuck with my ps3.

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