My new free bong

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  1. So a close friend told me she didn't want this anymore. SCORE

    All it needs is a downstem and bowl ;D

    I have had expensive bongs, and they are great. But for a free bong I couldn't be happier. Its almost 2 feet tall at about 7 mm thickness. The coloring is pretty cool imo.

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  2. Not a fan of the colors and that thing wrapping around. But very nice.
  3. soft glass. not my favorite but its fine i guess
  4. looks ok I guess but a free bong is a free bong. grats
  5. Excellent bong for free.
  6. Ha, that bong is like "I'M A BONG, SMOKE MY INNARDS!"

    I hope you respectfully enact its wishes!
  7. Congratulations on your temple of doom artifact, beautiful, truly no gift to be taken lightly.
    How ya hanging in the vaporizer world? I can make one for nearly free. 2013 we can shed the skin of smoking. Vapors. The vapors are drinking up into your mind. Vapors of the hot pools taking the misery of distress away.
  8. it'ill work (probably). If you like it a lot look into investing in a nice glass on glass piece down the road, imo these grommet bongs are the equivalent of still using Windows 95' to this day haha, such old school tech I'm surprised they still exist. Guess everyone needs a cheap piece at some point in their lives though :smoke:
  9. My method is so cheap
    it involves using birthday candles.
    mmmm powdered sugar lard
  10. Oh I don't know. There is a simple charm in having an old style bong like that. I personally like it.
  11. Sorry for slow reply all, and thanks for the grommet style Love! I went to a HS about 40 miles away to spend $15 on a "diffused...." downstem and cheap-o trumpet style glass bowl-slide. Got to hit it for the first time and it actually rips pretty. It clears fast and hard thats for sure. Totally worth the drive. This bong is like a Tribute bong to all Long lost gromet styled china glass bongs that I have love and lost over the years. Its also really heavy and free. Perfection.

    I like it ;P

    (I've had GonG pieces (ZOB, SYN, Toro) before, and up until around ~$300 they are SO worth the money imo.)
  12. and thanks! *edit*
    Roomate has a volcano, I had a MFLB.

    I like vaping for sure, and the volcano has it down to perfection. But theres nothing like a good ol fashion phat bong rip of dank after a long day. (except maybe a vapobong rip :S )
  13. i would plug the hole and use it as cup. lol

    its a grommet bong, unless you can find a grommet to 14mm or 18mm female joint...
  14. For free you can't complain it's a nice bong, I'm not a fan of colors on bong though, I prefer just straight clear bongs. I like to see the smoke and how big of a hit I'm getting :)

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