My New Fine Spoon Pipe

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  1. Okay so I bought a spoon pipe, and I got a question as I've never smoked this before.
    The hole that goes to the mouth piece is in the bottom of the bowl? is this so you don't inhale ashes etc?
    And could someone tell me how to actually smoke them? like a fast step to step :D?

  2. dont smoke
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  4. Put weed in bowl, cover carb , put mouth on mouth peice (hole away from bowl furthest),light weed , inhale, right before your done the hit take finger to clear smoke and if still burning red do not relight.try to corner or burn the least amount of weed still getting a hit tho

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  5. Okay but the fact that the hole that should go to the mouthpiece is in the bottom of the bowl doesnt matter?
    Its like, theres a hole in the middle of the bowl which goes down to some kind of a tunnel under the pipe which goes to the mouth piece?
    Its kinda hard to explain.
  6. Your wording is kind of confusing. There's three holes on most pipes. The mouth hole is where the smoke goes from the pipe into your mouth. The hole at the bottom of the bowl is where the smoke gets sucked through, I think this is the hole you're concerned about? And the carb/power hitter/rush hole you place your finger over, and when you want to clear the pipe you take your finger off of that hole. It seems pretty intuitive. Just load up the bowl, light it and inhale. 

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