My new favourite forum :)

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say that although I've only been on here a few days, it's already my new favourite forum, people actually bother to reply and try to help out with just about anything, most of the members seem to be friendly with everyone and the mods seem on the ball.

    Just thought I'd tell you guys and say thanks for keeping such a good and welcoming forum!

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  2. I have been here less than a year and it is one of my favorite forums also. Friendly people but we all know why that is lol!! :bongin:
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  3. i couldnt agree more :)
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  4. I like that there's a lot of variety and interesting topics.. but I'd say, on the whole, a lot of the people around here are lame as hell. Endless first-day trolls and immaturity tend to ruin a lot of a thread's potential almost immediately.
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  5. I love it here as well!

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