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    check page 2 for new pics

    Hey everyone im extremely happy my EHLE 250 ml tube got here today. i wasnt even expecting it thought it was in NY still. my bong was delayed a week so the site threw me a free pipe and some empty cig tubes for discrete smoking. i think we all know this site :) yes there is to much water in the video, ice melted and my wife was leaving so didnt have much time for the milkvid.



    sweet freebies thankyou EDIT

    called my father in law so he came over and hit it

    and with diffuser marbles
    milk milk

    Heres some trippy milk from a sesh with my younger brother. [ame=][​IMG][/ame]I love this bong, and it only cost me 60 bucks with shipping. its an amazing product for the price, i dont know why anyone would buy a weed star when for the same price you can get one of these babies.

    anyway i got here very fast after the 7 day delay. customer service was great and they gave me sweet freebies.
  2. nice purchase man. I think we all know ehle is the way to go.
  3. Sweetness, looking at the exact same bong at the moment.
  4. splashes like champ
  5. get an ehle diffy to go wit that. Their fucking awesome
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    water levels were off cuz had been smoking bout 10 minutes with the ice and it melted. look at you with your red bar, all sad sad in the corner.
  7. do you ever say anything positive?
  8. bump for the people getting off work.

  9. Welcome to the "Toking Tools" section.

    OP, nice grab.
  10. nice bong man, i was going to buy the same one a few months ago. Idk why i didn't, that bong looks sick
  11. sweet new Ehle man, they make great tubes. i like their diffys alot
  12. I'm a bit of a newbie but uhh if you can't say the website could you PM it to me?
  13. i always mix my codiene cough syrup with a bottle of coke, i love the taste.
    sick bong dude, and props on the free shit.
  14. So when you say 7 day delay? Are you talking about customs or back order shipping?
    I placed an order with who you got your EHLE from and its been 10 days since its been shipped out, 7 since it says it hit the states. Seems like some long shipping times.

    I think I might get one of those seeing as how its cheap and nice glass, Ill keep the perced lux for personal sessions, this bong screams party bong.
  15. pick up a diffuser for that bad boy and you'll be set.
  16. Sweet pickup...been looking at one myself
  17. Awesome EHLE! I am buying the 500ml custom sandblasted EHLE, theres a thread floating round here somewhere. Am too excited about it:smoking::bongin:
  18. i ordered it on 3/21 and it got here today 4/2. it was backorder. i thought mine was still in new york these past few days but it was on its way here i unno bad tracking, customs is a bitch to.
  19. yeah im ordering one with a ashcatcher soon.
  20. nice. this is my next purchase as well I think.

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