My new double bubbler- The Shoalin Dynasty

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  1. Hey hows the city tonight? lol like most of you im bored at home getting stoned so ive decided to post my new double bubbler, so i bought it at the local headshop the day before school for 150 and a case of blunts (35), im in there twice a day most days so im tight with everyone who works there and they know i love my blunts aha, anyway i didnt smoke it until the day that school started, that morning i drove to my buddies and we all matched up on a few bowls out of the bubbler and my buddies zong, so we are all sitting around listening to music trying to figure out a name, and were thinking its like kinda dragon-ninja-e feeling so then wu tang comes on and we immediately knew it was The Shoalin Dynasty, this thing gets you fucking ripped, it has a big ass bowl and it milks so smoothly, less smooth on the way out lol, you dont even realize at all how much smoke your taking in till then ahaha, anyway so i get to school and go to homeroom and i sit down and in my desk written in whiteout is WU-TANG CLAN AINT NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT, so i just knew the name was meant to be ahha on with the pics, enjoy

  2. Looks bad ass. I just bought a new Dub Bub myself. Can't pull too hard though or you get a mouth of water.
  3. that sucks man, bet you still get ripped tho, mine has a nice design so that doesnt happen
  4. Killa bees...we on a swarm.
  5. Eh it's not so bad if you get the levels right and don't pull with iron lungs. It's getting better as it gets more resinated. Anyways, cool piece.
  6. thats alright then, and thanks
  7. I bomb atomically, socrates philosophies and hypothesis cant define how I be droppin these mockeries.
  8. im glad it was a wu tang inspired name even though theres no such thing as the Shaolin Dynasty.....theres a Shaolin TEMPLE if thats what you mean
  9. ah that takes me back
    [ame=""]Shaolin vs Wu Tang[/ame]
  10. lovin the name and the bub
  11. If you want beef then bring tha ruckus
    Wu Tang clan aint nothin ta fuck wit
  12. its a cool piece but i think its a bit pricey for a bubbler like that

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