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Bleeding profusely means you're still alive.

  1. Wow, pretty rad flesh wound

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  2. Chicks dig scars

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  3. You sick fuck!

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  4. You need mental help

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  1. In case you all didn't know, i collect scars.

    Here's my latest potential disfiguration of the flesh

    I hope i get a gnarly scar from this one, i should, it's pretty deep, right down to the bone. I love the endorphin rush ya get when "shit happens" it makes it worth it to be all bleeding and shit. Combine that with a bit of blood loss and ya got a pretty good natural buzz goin on, hell yeah!

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  2. Yeah that's the shape of the teeth on my pedals, i have a smaller one on the bottom of my shin where the other side of the pedal hit. I botched a bunnyhop to picnic table and had a little encounter with my gnarly ass pedal on the left side.
  3. damn... I still think chicks dig scars.. so rock on man..
  4. haha.
    u sick fuck toosicks! you need mental help! ;p
  5. eeewwwww.....
  6. I hope it doesn't get infected. I don't get grossed out by blood and stuff. Not that long ago I carved the initials of someone I really loved into my arm and it bled some but I am glad it is there. I have never done anything like that before. I just hope someday we can be together when he gets out!

    oh yeah I picked the first one
  7. I don't get infected because i stopped using all kinds of antibiotics and clenasers years ago so i will have natural immunities, and besides, i use the power of my mind to heal fast.
  8. Haha! Nice to see you can see the bright side of having your flesh gouged out! I thought it was pretty cute putting the coin next to it, nice one!

  9. That is pretty fucked up...
  10. Switch-

    I guess you are intitled to your own opinion but I don't think it's a lot different than getting a tatoo of someones initials or their name. I don't judge people unlike you so if I want to do something like that- hey its my body. Maybe you have never loved anyone and had your heart broken but unless you walk a mile in my shoes you don't know shit.

  11. I'm glad somebody agrees with me. Besides, its not like I sit around and carve myself up-although I know people do that because they have issues and it makes them feel better. Everybody has their vices. Mine are cigerettes and sometimes drinking too much. I don't think smoking weed is a vice although many would disagree but hopefully nobody here at the city!
  12. toosicks, i hope you at least put peroxide on that thing :)
    i know ya didnt
    but i bet ya could use a couple of stitches,...
    sooo indeed i bet you'll have a gnarly scar

  13. Peroxide? Stitches? hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

    Actually i don't "seek medical attention" for a reason, because doctors love to play with all kinds of new shit every time i go in, i tell 'em just sew it up, fuck the drugs, but they insist that i need an injection to calm me down a nerve blocker to numb my whole appendage, and enough antibiotics to kill every microorganism within a 5 mile radius. All that crap does more damage than the actual wound and the last time i was in i decided that if i wasn't immobilized i was gonna choke this fuckin' doctor ho couldn't wait to take his shiny new chems for a test drive on my ass. Yeah half my finger was off, there was no nerve or tendon damage tho, but he still geve my whole arm a nreve blocker , and kept having the nurse shove seadtives in me so i'd quit bitching at him to stop fuckin' around and sew the damn thing back on so i can get back to work

    Actually when i get blood leakage a lot of times i won't clean it up till the end of the day that way i get a head start on building antibodies to infection. I just don't get infected tho, i've been away from antibiotics as much as possible since i was a kid, and haven't had any since i was like 12 till those fuckin doctors pumped gallons of shizzle into me while i was unconscious during surgeries.

    I also use the power of my mind to fight infetion, kill pain, and heal. Those goofy doctor fucks toss 'scrips at me for all kinds of hardcore painkillers and i just rip 'em up and throw 'em away, fuck tha chems i don't need 'em.

    I didn't even duct tape this one, i ran outta tape, it's been bleeding for like 2 days now, especially since every time i ride i keep smacking my pedal into it on the same spot trying to bunnyhop the same picnic table.

    Higha, when they're ready send your kids ridin' with me and i'll teach 'em how to tuffy up.

  14. dude... just take the drugs they give you... pain killers are a good thing.. ask for Vicoden.. VICODEN = GOOD :)

    dont pass up on a script when its offered is what i say
  15. thanks. That just ruined my high man...yuck
  16. i just duct tape yur booboos! AAAH!
    ...i do understand the medication thing...... my boy is a tuffy although when i catch him i use neosporin and bandaids :D
    oh man ..duct tape thats a new one.

  17. Haha Higha, that's cool, just don't make too big of a deal about it and let your kids tuff it out, they'll be stronger both physically and mentally for it, i know i was.

    Duct tape wirks well for larger stuff, like when pieces are hanging off and threatening to fall off, it hurts like a bitch tho if it sticks to hair, but pain is weakness leaving the body so it's all good.

    Superglue works well for closing off the gushers, the ones where it's just pouring out and filling up your shoes or leaving puddles. Actually superglue was developed to be a medical product and is safe to use for cuts, cyanocrylate is a medical grade adhesive and is approved for use by the FDA.

    Ya wanna hear some crazy shizzle, i was just out riding and i japslapped upa set of stairs and slipped off my pedal, and drove the teeth right back up into the existing wound, same spot, now i gotta scrub more blood off me, i spent like an hour the other night chipping off dried krustys from my leg and peeing off my sock that was "glued" to my foot.

    ya nkow what's cool, tho, is that i'm gonna have matching scars, i already got a gnardogg scar on the other side in almost the same place, from the same type of injury, from the same brand and model of pedals, that i got back when i was like 12 riding BMX.


  18. No problem, anytime, i take pride in my bloodshed!


  19. Haha! Pharms' can chew on my sweaty nutsack. I don't put chemicals in my body, no scripts, no OTC stuff, no asprins, no food with perservatives, and i fuckin wish thwy would enact a law that requires warning labels on GM (genetic modified) foods so i can avoid those too, but i try to avoid any foods that can possibly be GM. I also wish they would label irrdaiated meat, because the irradiation kills bacteria and stuff, but i want the bacteria in there for the purpose of building immunity.

    Oh yeah, and every time you spend money on pharms you're giving money to the peeps who keep weed illegal for their own profit. For that reason i won't even get a script filled and sell 'em, i destroy the scripts so nobody can use it.

    Fuck the pahrmeceutical companies anyways, all the diseases they try and cure are nature's way od saying that there's too many fuckin people on the planet and a lot of ya need to go, i know that sounds pretty fuckin evil to say, but it's the truth, widespread health issues are nature's way of "thinning the herd" and i won't contribute to the battle against nature.


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