My new Deck!!

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyApe, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to show you guys what my Dad and I built last week. I've been wanting to build a new deck on my house since I bought it in Nov. Finally we got it done! :hello:It only took us 2 days to finish this and I love it!

    I'll throw in some before/after pics. Let me know what you guys think!

    I was trying to put captions on each picture but apparently Im not inteligent enough....can anyone explain how thats done?:D

    This is how it all started:

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  2. Oh god, that last picture was definately a fapper.
  3. Looks like a sweet spot to smoke.
  4. Very nice deck there
  5. thought this was a skateboard thread lol

    ...nice deck. is that u in the 4th pic drilling? ;)
  6. Looks sturdy, I'd stand on it.
  7. I was thinking skateboard, too.

    Anyway, it's a nice deck, and it's fun to do stuff with dad.

    Did you guys need a permit? How much did the materials cost?
  8. That's a very nice deck. :)
  9. haha,

    I just thought of that home depot or lowes commecial-

    "O yea, I'm going to build two decks"

    You smug bastard and your sturdy deck.
  10. turned out looking real sweet,,,,, youll wish down the road,,, youd covered it,,,, it looks like my deck,,,

    but here we call it a porch,:D mine aint covered,,, and i wish it was,,,oh the times ive brought the meat in from the grill to finish it in the oven,,, because it went to raining,:mad:
  11. Yeah thats me and my son, he wanted to help sink a few screws. But thats not my name on the back of my shirt. I got that shit at a Salvation Army and apparently "Rich" didnt want that shirt anymore.:D

    Yeah, we probably needed a permit but didnt get one. I live way out in the country so im not worried about it. I've litterally seen one cop in my town in the 9 months I've lived here.

    As far as the cost goes it ended up running about $1100 bucks to build the whole thing. Thats not bad at all really.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and yeah, Its a great place to smoke but my fire pit is even better!
  12. thats a nice house,,,,
  13. Thats understandable but when you sell the house you just gotta hope its not some asshole who busts his ass on the back deck, finds out it wasn't constructed legally and then sues you. Thats just how frivolous the system is these days. I've seen similar things happen to friends and friend's families.
  14. Thanks chicken

    Thats actually a really good tip, thanks for bringing that to light! I'll look into it but honestly I dont plan on selling so I should be covered.

    But +rep none the less for looking out!
  15. Ok let me get this straight,you have to ask permission from the goverment to build a deck in your own backyard......Thats total bullshit....

    We give the goverment way too much power.:mad:

    But back to your deck,its' tight I'm really feeling it[translation] I like it,you did a really good job...:D
  16. nice deck randy
  17. it's a porch,,,, if you told me... '' lets go sit on the deck''

    ????? would be my thoughts,:D
  18. Uhhh thanks....and do I know you? Little strange you used my name.....

    A porch is on the front of a house first floor, a balcony is second floor, and a deck is on the sides or back of a house! At least thats what I was raised to believe. :D
  19. nah, man,, front porch, '' back porch''....;)
  20. So it's a porch? Then why did he title the thread "my new deck"? I am so confused.

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