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  1. Hi everyone,
    Here are some pictures of my new crosses. They are all only in the beginning of their 5th week of 4 more weeks to go before harvest. But as you will see they look very promessing.

    Ok...first cross JHxSJx??...sorry for the ?? genetic but for personal reasons i have to keep it to myself;(

    First pic of the JHxSJx??

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  2. 2nd pic of the JHxSJx??

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  3. 3rd pic of the JHxSJx??

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  4. Now my NiagaraX??

    Not as fat as the JHxSJ but a very long bud!!!

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  5. Finaly...but not the least...the JHxSJxShisk that one of my friend made with my JHxSJ strain.

    Pic 1

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  6. Last pic...again the JHxSJxShisk.

    Remember that those ladies are only in the beginning of their 5th week of flowering!!!

    I must admit....those are ones of the best strains i had so far! What do you think!?!?!

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  7. [​IMG]Uh, I'll be the 1st to volunteer to get any seeds you find off your hands[​IMG]
  8. Thanks for the good words :)

    I will show pictures of them in 5 weeks...just before cutting them down...the buds should be huge by then!!!

    I have some G13xAK47xAfghani seedlings on the way for further crossing with the crosses i just showed you. I will let you know how they will turn out...but i am already VERY pleased with these new crosses!

    Breeding is a LOT of work....but it is a LOT of fun :)
  9. just put a smile on my face,,,,it is so good to see expirimental plumage...I'm glad to hear your having fun crossing....It makes the work involved desirable...when the outcome is successful...doesn't it......

    grow well...rub a couple of those..make a little finger hash....

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  10. oh jmy god, those look nice. Dude, how the fuck do u guys get your plants all tall by the fourth week? ARGH, that pisses me off, but nice grow man, they really do look nice.
  11. those are some incredibly nice buds man. Nice job!!!
  12. Those pictures are inspiring.

    I can't wait til I can start to grow my own. Hopefully soon.
  13. absolutely fuckin gorgeous
  14. Those are some diesel buds dude. Keep up the good work.
  15. those are aweinspiring photos hope my next batch looks 1/2 that good keep up the excellent work!!!!

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