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  1. Hey everyone, just got all moved into my new place and can finally get everything started on my first grow. Finally was able to measure my closet and it cAme to
    Be 33x46x64--- was just curious what people though would be a good number to fit in there under a 400 watt, possibly 600watt if I can find an air-cooled hood to
    Help. Thanks :)
  2. Ive done 600 in a slightly smaller area with great results

    what I did was have a dedicated cool tube line which went from the outside of the enclosed closet (i used cheap laminated drywood from lowes) to the lgiht to the outside. no inside air ever touches it. I then also had a ambient intake, and had a fan with the carbon scrubber blowing out from on top of the enclosure to get out stinky/slightly warm air.

    this worked perfect for me. Good luck
  3. richmond bc? or virgina?
  4. check out a pyrex bake a tube on ebay for a cool diy cooltube!
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    The latter of the 2 And thanks for the suggesting guys

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