My new clones are wilting. Help?

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  1. I got home from work today and checked on the plants. I almost wanted to cry when I saw their condition. They look pretty sad. I'm not sure why they have taken a sudden turn for the worst, but I suspect they are being fried by the light. The clones are 1 day old, and I currently have the light about 4.5 feet away and at 450 watts. The temperature is 75 degrees in the tent, so I figured they would be ok, but it might have been too much light for them to handle at such a small size. I gave them 2 bottles of water each, and the soil is still wet in the middle where i watered. Im not sure if maybe I gave them too much water? I watered gently but wanted to make sure I got the soil wet for them, so overwatering could be another possibility. A 3rd possibility is the perlite could be preventing the roots from digging down into the soil, but I doubt I used enough to cause a problem. Advice? I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil mixed with a little extra perlite, and no nutrients. Using a 600 watt Metal halide, that has been turned down to 75% which makes it only 450 watts.
    I got the clones from a medical shop yesterday and they looked healthy then, all the leaves were up in the air, but now they look like they are dieing

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