my new chillum!!!

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  1. got a new chillum last friday!!! let me know what you think, glass is real thick, real big bowl pack

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  2. nice dude, nothing is better than a new piece!
  3. That's a pretty mean design. Good find. :smoking:
  4. looks nice, those have got to be real convienent on the go

  5. yeah man i was at the head shop, and i only wanted to spend 20-25 and i was lookin at all the pieces in the display case, and i am a regular there with all my friends, its the only shop we go to, so the guy pulled this out of the back of another case and showed me it for only $25, i was pumped, it hits real smooth with a nice pack, lovin it :D
  6. nice dude perfect on the go dry hit i want to replace my mini spoon with a cool chillum like that
  7. Try an 'original' chillum from India some time - Wee!

    In the statues displaying the 'Dance of Shiva' you'll notice a 'chillulm' in her 5th hand.

    Just in case you're interested.


  8. haha thats pretty cool man ill have to try sometime, thanks for the input!
  9. small and compact...i approvee!:hello:
  10. pfunkk

    The first time that I smoked hash in a chillum was in India in 1970 and we bought a chillum loaded up with Kerala sativa for about $.10

    That was considered 'expensive' by the Americans & Brits who had been there for a couple of weeks longer!


    Stay safe!


  11. hahahahahahaha thats RIDICULOUS man, way too cheap, jesus, good for you though, here when it was the good ole days, wish i was :p

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