My new Car! Twin Turbo [Pix]

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. What's up Grasscity, I haven't really been around lately, But I just stopped by to say what's up, and show off my new car. I picked it up for 4800, what a Deal!

    Twin-Turbo conversion w/TT ECU and Engine Harness. Engine is a
    '91 DOHC with about 100k. Greddy BOV, Turbo-Timer and Profec-B electronic
    boost controller. 3SX Short Throw shifter, 3" custom Apexi N1 cat-back
    exhaust, K&N open element air filter. Walbro 255lph fuel pump, Autometer
    Boost,EGT,A/F gauges, Apexi SAFCII, MSD 8.5 plug wires, Intrax springs with
    KYB front struts with less than 2k miles on them. New fuel filter, spark
    plugs, carpet, O2 sensors. Pioneer CD player w/ Pioneer & Alpine speakers,
    Tinted windows. 17" Enkei RS-E wheels,Front tires have less than 1000 miles
    on them.. New Slotted/Cross Drilled Rotors on front, has the rears just not
    installed yet.

    Items included with purchase but not installed are:
    -Spec Stage 4 Clutch set.
    -Adj.Rear Lower Control Arms
    -SFS LSD Insert
    -Hybrid Datalogger w/Palm IIIxe
    -Rear Slotted/Cross Drilled Rotors w/silver zinc coating
    -extra Rear Turbo
    -1 extra turbo rebuild kit

  2. Nice car man. Im a DSM guy myself also. My family has a 96' Black GS-T thats sick as hell fast. As long as you keep it clean, i like it :)
  3. that is a hell of a deal man, nice car :hello:
  4. i must say man that car is wicked awesome for the price,im sure that would go wayyy more here none the less time to hotbox it:smoking:
  5. is that a 3000gt cause if so ive wanted one of those since i started driving
  6. Looks beautiful.
    In my experience, Mitsubishi's aren't very durable so I suggest frequent oil changes/tune-ups and strongly suggest using this wax for amazing shine and protection :)
    Congrats on the sweet car and sweet deal.
  7. lol@fart can

    Dyno and 1/4 #'s?

    and it looks like 2 different sets of rims in the pics? Which does it have the rims in the first or last?

    Either way i like how its not riced out*ignoring fart can of course*
  8. nice car, I like it.. that exhaust does not look like rice on a car like that..

    not like a honda with a 4inch exhaust to 1" pipe..

    I have wrx with a exhaust like that, but running 3" all the way to the turbo with a crap load of other mods.. though. A good thing is though, when a, say a nice loud v8 see's my rice tip they engage racing not knowing they are about to race a 376WHP and most recent qt was 12.6 untuned :wave: priceless

    Btw what exhaust is that, HKS Hi-Power?
  9. Yeah put some dyno stats! what's the whp of that bad boy?

    and +rep for not being another ricer with bazooka-sized mufflers and an airplane wing on the back.
  10. Dude, nice car, but blur out that licence plate!
  11. Hey man, thats a great lookin car. One of my best buddies has a VR4 and it's a beast.
  12. yea man i wouldnt think anyone would want their license plate on this site...
  13. sweet ride man +rep for the car hell yeh i want a nissian skyline gtr twin turbo sweet as all hell have fun cruisin in the beast :D
  14. It's an Apexi N1, as for fart can? If you think so...

    A Stock VR4 has 320HP in 94
    Im guessing this has atleast 290-300.

    Im not complaining for the price and condition.
  15. they all have 320hp if twin turboed. my friend is looking at a VR4, but its for 10k and its stock. what does it mean by "Extra Rear Turbo"? oh yea, TT's are sexy as hell and everything, but they kill gas-mileage. if you want your gas mileage to be a little better, get a bigger single-turbo setup. the small turbos spool too fast for the low rpm's if youre cruising and make your engine compensate with more fuel. but all in all, thats a good deal for only 4800. around here some guy is selling a 94 GSX with a built 600hp engine. thats on a 2 liter 4g63 though. your 4g72 is a 3 liter and can hold power. mitsus arent bad as long as you keep em maintained, and also, dont launch the stock tranny too hard, AWD + 300+hp +3700 lbs = tranny snappage if you launch too hard. take it to the 1/4 mile or tape a race with a camaro/mustang and show us what that baby can do.
  16. Im not really into imports but its still nice smoke it out yet? also that cream color leather looks good on tha black paint
  17. Aw, that's a beauty. I've always loved 3000GT's but I decided that they're a little out of my price range right now. In fact... my budget's been shorted so much in the last couple of weeks that it looks like I'll have to scratch my plans to get a German car and get an old muscle car... after that my last option is an import or a shitty domestic... blah.
  18. Its not AWD its a SL Conversion with the VR4 Turbo Set-up and ECU. Its the same exact thing but with higher compression. Thus runnin' at a lower boost. When and if the internals need replacing I will lower the compression and make it a True VR-4 Engine. I figure all the goodies will compensate fine enough. Again, Im not looking to be the fastest guy out there, I want a fun Daily Driver, that I can take to the Midnight Mayhem everyonce in a while.
  19. nice car check my 04 sti 550awhp 10.89qtr MT

    old pics puttin the Perrin FMIC on, too many mods to list sorry.

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  20. DAMN for 5gs that a steal and a half :D

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