My new bubbler :)

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  1. Here is the new bubbler i got yesterday, only thing is how do i ash it without pooring the water out??

    It's a pain to refill it when you dont want to move haha.


    Thanks in advance! and hope you enjoy!
  2. Nice man. Nothing too spectacular, but I like it fo sho!

    And you're just going to have to smoke it till its gray and blow the ashes out. Or get a poker and push em...hell idk.
  3. i was thinking about blowing them out but the bowl is pretty deep and the resin keeps it packed in there. ill try scraping out with a toothpick or somthing.
  4. That is an incredible piece! so simplistic, I love it.
  5. get a poker or a straightened paper clip
  6. Yeah tilt it sideways (opposite the carb) and use a toothpick and just go around the outside and slowly work it out onto a napkin or something. Only takes like 30 seconds.
  7. Thanks for advice!

    The peice was a great find at my local head shop.

    Hits so smooth and easy on the drag.
  8. bubblers r sick! nuff said
  9. Good pickup, I love sherlock bubblers they are my favorite pieces.

    What I do when my bowl is beat is just suck the ash in, it goes straight into the water and is ready for smoking. When you're done just pour the water out like you normally would
  10. Dude awesome bubbler. I want one really bad haha

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