My new bubbler

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  2. 30 bucks? I got one that looked pretty much like that, besides color difference. Charged me 80 bucks. Nice price for that.
  3. Dam 30? Looks good, i need to find myself one at that price.
  4. i have one just like that. and for 30 bucks not bad. hope you have fun breaking it in. :smoking:
  5. Enjoy that beautiful piece.:smoking:
  6. The reason i think i got it cheap is because i went to a head shop that was a ghetto one. It was run by two indians, who dont even ID you if you only buy glass. And i couldnt even find if the store had a name. But i went to a diffrent head shop before that that was more well known, and the prices for everything in there was pretty much doubled from the ghetto one
  7. Is it frosted? Sick bub.
  8. Thats fucking sick man for 30$ thats a bargain
  9. what do you mean is it frosted? i bought it like this, didnt put it in freezer
  10. Thats dope man.

    And he doesnt mean frosted, freezing frosted. But like the color of the glass, you cant see straight through it, but its frosted. Haha I dont know how to explain it.
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    yo he means the bubs made of glass thats a type called frosted glass (whitish one with a texture)
  12. nice frosted, and great price
  13. rip nice bub 2 bad
  14. I guess this should really be changed into a thread of mourning.

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