My new bubbler...

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  1. I got bored in my dorm room so I decided to take some pics of my newest piece I bought in Athens, OH. I took them with my iphone so the qualities not the greatest but anyways. Here she is....

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  2. First of all, welcome to GC.

    Secondly, sweet as pipe.

    Third, lol @ smoking in a car in broad daylight with no tint on the windows.
  3. That thing is fucking crazy!
  4. Thats beautiful man.
  5. +rep on the nice piece. Welcome to GC man!
  6. very nice peice you crazy crazy dude !
  7. sweet piece bro... loving the colors!
  8. groovy piece man. how much did that run you?
  9. love the color another piece i'd want, and your gonna get caught
  10. It was 170..
  11. thats nice!

    trippy as hell too! :D

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