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my new bubbler

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. ha... i finally took a trip to a headshop down in the city... got myself a phatty sherlock bubbler for $86. so far we've smoked like 8 bowls outta it... i'm all good and wrecked, lol. it's blue, and it's got an insideout mouthpiece, and a big inside out marble with a flower in it at the bottom of the can. as soon as i get a camera i'm gonna try to get some pics of it :D
  2. Sounds badass Cottons! Can't wait to see it. Decided not to go with the Roor huh? Sounds like this pipe would be nicer to look at anyhow.
  3. Cool for you, Cottons!!! Stay wrecked, dude!
  4. hey rmjl... i've been wrecked since yesterday, so far today i've burned 5 bubblers. i just got back from papa john's. had to show my boss the bubbler, lol. he likes it. i still haven't thought of a name for it yet. wow... i'm still pretty high. :D oo... i got the big book of buds the other day... awesome book. blah... anywayz, i'm gonna get going.
  5. Yea i got a Glass color changing sidecar bubbler a few weeks ago.LOL there is already a ton of resin in it. I payed $90 for it.. . . It was worth it though. I wll send soem pictures of it.
    I love that thing . Oh yea its name is "007" LOL.
  6. i got a name for my bubbler :D

    Little Cottons

    i think it suits it well... seing as how it gives ya the cottons like crazy, lmao

    damn... i'm gettin another quarter today... this bubbler is already changing mad colors. it was almost clear when i got it, and now you can already see what everything's gonna look like.

    wow... i'm still all high... lol. just realized this.

    mmm... i want another steak and egg sandwich ::drools::

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