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  1. Bought myself a nice little scientific bubbler for my birthday. This thing stacks bubbles like nothing I smoked out of before. It came with a nice little pinched slide too no screen needed. The downstem has 14 slits on it but I'm not sure what kind of perc it's considered.

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  2. LHS? Or online? Thats a nice piece!
  3. Nice pick up. Could be a sweet little oil rig too, Congrats man happy b day
  4. Picked it up at my LHS, I paid a little more than I wanted for it but it wasn't too bad. I paid $120 for it but I figured I just got my taxes back and my birthday was coming up so whatever.
  5. $120 seems like a fair price for that.
  6. I agree 120 doesn't seem bad at all. Any milks?
  7. Can you swap out the downstem? or is it a huge hole.
  8. It looks like a 29mm joint so if you had a downstem that fit it I'm sure you could.

    We sell them that big at the shop I work at
  9. that looks like a nice bubbler :) Could you post a milkshot pic/vid? because it seems as if the showerhead gives a bubble-galore ^^.

    a soon-to-be_Happy Birthday! ;)
  10. Yeah I think the downstem is 29mm. I was looking at 29mm bong joint online and it looks like it would fit. I'm uploading my milk shot as we speak.
  11. Thanks thats what I thought I just forget the exact mm
  12. Heres my milkshot and just some extra footage of how this things stacks.

    [ame=]14 Slit Showerhead Perc - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Nice milk man sweet little piece
  14. Dude....that right there is a fuckin BUBBLERRRRRR....Ive always liked bubblers better than tubes
  15. Yeah I have 2 bongs one is 21in straight tube and the other is 17in with a 6 arm tree perc and an ashcatcher and the bubbler is a nice little change from the big bongs I have. Definitely a smooth hit like my 17in bong but just smaller and more convenient.
  16. nice pickup!!! That perc is called a circulator or "circ" in most brands btw
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    that doesn't stack bubbles...

    stacking bubbles means bubbles stacked. Like a inline tube that literally stacks bubbles half way up


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