My new Bubbler Just arrived!wiv pics

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  1. So its really more my bros than mine but my bro saw this on edit and thought it would be cool to get.
    Not broken in just yet, Wadya think?



  2. thats a pretty sick bubbler, i love bubblers.
    break it in :smoke:

  3. yeah i think so too, i was surprised how big it is.

    It was £15 btw, il try take some shots of it in action later on.
  4. no bubbler love?
  5. I had one of those for awhile, they pack a punch but i hated the color so i sold it to a kid for 55$ lool
  6. Nice piece man i love the bubs, enjoy!
  7. shits toight
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    I love bubblers..

    Here is mine.


    Damn thats big pic... lol

    Thats a HUGe bubbler btw, just saw lighter comparison.

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  9. I love hammers

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