My new Bowl Packing Machine!

Discussion in 'General' started by Apollyphelion, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. [ame=]Bowl Packer Model Number C Rube Goldberg Pitagora Suichi[/ame]
  2. Haa sikk stuff man that was great keep doing what you doing :cheers
  3. Thank you very much! Please subscribe to my channel for more stoner goodness!
  4. Its like "Mousetrap" for stoners.

  5. Thank you for watching!
    It is the 152nd machine, actually...I'm up to 157!
  6. Hahaha thats some good shit.

    must have some time on your hands
  8. Thank you! It is what I do, being an artist and all!
  9. you probably shouldn't try to do a silly voice
  10. Sombody has a lot of time on their hands. Haha, totally subscribed. Man that was awesome.
  11. I've definitely seen this on here before, maybe a few months ago, makes me wonder if I should trust OP.
  12. Well, this is my THIRD bowl packer, and I think I did post my first one on here, but not the 2nd.
  13. That was wicked lol.
  14. :( no bueno.
  15. HAHA! thats fuckin awesome! gunna toss a link to here in my thread.. peeps gotta see this! (although i can grab a pinch of weed and pack my bong considerably fast, just doesnt look so cool!)
  16. lol thats awesome
  17. How long did it take total to make that?
  18. hahah sick shit and it kept going and going even reusing a ball that was used earlier in the trap. fuckin awesome.
  19. Nice. Now pack the next bowl ;)
  20. Thank you, and sure thing, next bowl is on me!

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