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My new bowl :D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jc_420, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. i got this new bowl at the local headshop "blue in the face" for 40 bucks
    kinda expensive but its the onlly place around that sells em
    its very well made tho and rly thick tho so i think its worth it
    i call it, "the orbiter" :D
    i jus smoked a bowl out of it and it hits very nice
    gets me nice and stoned:smoke:
    wat do u think?


    sry for shitty quality all i got is a webcam :/
  2. It's pre cool...I've got a friend who's got a piece exactly like that, I think almost down to the exact same colors as well
  3. Damn thats phat as hell
  4. I like it. I love spoons that have that wide hammer-esque bowl.
  5. damn man pretty cool peice my friend has the same piece but his is green and black pretty cool peice
  6. Nice man, real nice.
  7. thats a VERY good bowl my friend, and welcome to the city :)
  8. very nice man, i like the colors.
  9. That's cool, looks like a high quality piece and definately worth the 40 bucks.
  10. Do I see powerpuff girls in the background?:p


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