my new bong!

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  1. my new piece! picked it up at a local head shop! pretty excited :hello::smoking:

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  2. Nice beaker bong! Have fun with it!
  3. thanks man! i surely will! lol
  4. Emm that looks pretty real. Could you post up a pic of the signature? It looks sweet.
  5. you can kinda see it in the picture. but im stayin at my girls so i wont be able to till tomorrow. i got it from an authorized dealer off the RooR site though
  6. I have the same thing with a orange label and it looks exactly the same. The label looks small enough, the lip looks very thick, the ice pinches look like small nubs, and sig looked good. Very nice peice my friend. Mine has lasted 2 years.
  7. thank you sir! it even came with a RooR diffused stem and believe it or not my girlfriend bought it for me lol. i really wanna know if the ash catcher is worth buying for it though? what kind of setup are you running on it? if you dont mind me asking lol
  8. I got a roor tech x cut downstem with a worked b Wilson disc diffused slide. I do not like a/c that much, they do take away from taste but they do make a bigger hit, if that's what your looking for. I had a 14 inch straight with that same red label. Very sharp, I'm sure it will give you pleasure for years!
  9. hmmmnot too sure how real it is so idk - but it does appear to be a solid looking piece. enjoy dood :smoke:
  10. Here a picture of it in action! And another of it with a nice nug of purp in the bowl!

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  11. More pics!

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  12. Omg please don't tell me ur rippin poppers outta ur roor, my god
  13. whats a popper?
  14. If its what it is here then a popper is a bowl of tobacco with weed on top
  15. Best fucken way to smoke dude!
  16. ohhhhh never heard that term before lol. naaaa when i went to go pick up my bud my buddy didnt have any more bags and i had an empty newport box lol. sorry for any confusion. although i do enjoy mixing in some tobacco in a joint every now and then.
  17. Try putting some tobacco under your weed, if you don't smoke than its honestly one of the most intense highs

  18. is it really? ive never even thought to smoke it that way. hows it hit?
  19. i mean i smoke cigarettes and i always do after a joint during a smoke session and it does boost my high but ive never mixed them in a bowl.
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    Actually theres studies that suggest that marijuana smoke mixed with tobacco smoke can create a poisonous chemical sooo no not at all the best way to smoke :p also it distorts the taste of sweet mary jane and mixs it with cancerous tobacco... Sorry buddy but i hate tobacco, its killed people for way too long to still be something thats looked up to, its like suicide but more idiotiotic because people deny its killing them! Sorry but not sorry ina way :/

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