My new bong.

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  1. What! That thing deserves to see some use! :smoke: :bongin:

  2. I use it nearly every day :).

  3. Oops misread what you wrote originally, thought you said you didn't smoke out of the bong SINCE then. Not that you didnt use anything else.

    Pineapple express gets me all types of hazy :p

    Glad you're enjoying it! Having a hard time keeping it clean?
  4. Pretty nice for $50. Keep it clean!

  5. Ooh, haha, oops.

    It's a little hard to keep clean, the stem is a little difficult to clean and the bowl is glass on glass so the space in between the glass can be hard to clean. I've cleaned it twice since I've gotten it, it definitely needs cleaned again.

  6. Yeah, my guy gets dirty dirty in like 4 or 5 days of use. Constant battle cleaning pieces :smoke:

    Get some Pipe cleaners, they sell em at LHS usually, and the ones they have also have metal wires that stick out all over the place, instead of just a metal pipe with cotton attached to it. They work AWESOME at cleaning in and around joints.

    What are you using to clean? Iso + sea salt?

  7. Yeah, I'm using Iso + sea salt. I just let it sit for a little bit then I took some cotton swabs and rubbed it against the glass, it took a little bit to get everything off, but it eventually came off, didn't want to scratch the glass or anything. Cleaning between the glass on glass bowl is the most difficult, any suggestions on cleaning it better?

  8. You won't scratch the glass with cotton :p And iso + sea salt is meant for you to SHAKE the shit outta it :p The salt is an abrasive, and it knocks off the built up resin. Shake and shake and shake, then use pipe cleaners to get around the joints where the sea salt didn't help to knock the resin off.

    No need to scrub a whole piece with a toothbrush, essentially :p

  9. Haha, okay, maybe I should explain this better. I know that cotton won't scratch the glass, haha. I also know that you shake it, I was shaking it for atleast five minutes each time I changed the mixture, which was probably two to three times, then I just let it sit in the mixture for 20 minutes while I took a shower. I also only used the cotton swabs on the stem because it was hard to get too.

  10. Gocha. Must have been caked in resin :p

    If you ever have a couple bucks, pick up some Formula420. That shit is the bomb for cleaning, takes a minute or less, no soaking. Only issue is it has a strong odor (not pungent like iso is, just strong), and it takes some rinsing to get your piece completely cleaned out, but damn the stuff works great :hello:
  11. If you have Simple Green around the house it works great for bowls. I keep it in a small sealed container and drop my dirty bowls in it before I go to sleep. When I wake up they are spotless, I just have to rinse under warm water.

    Works like Agent Orange or Formula420 but for a fraction of the price. Be careful with labels though, Simple Green will ruin them (Agent Orange and Formula420 don't). I reuse mine for months before I dump it out. I just strain it through coffee filters when it looks gross.
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    Just cleaned Charizard c:, here are some better pictures.





    Not sure how to get rid of the water stains, any help?
    And also, here's a picture of what I can't get out of the glass on glass bowl, the resin is stuck in between the glass, any suggestions with that either? haha.


    Also.. sorry the pictures are so big, :x.
  13. for $50 nice grab.
  14. Verry sweet peice man nothen like a new bong in your hands.50 bucks is a good deal to me. Lets see some milk shots of that bad boy soon.
  15. To clean something like the slide grime in your pic, here's what I would do...

    - Put your slide in a container with PURE simple green upside down (joint up)
    - Let it soak for a day or so
    - Rinse thoroughly with warm water (no scrubbing yet)
    - Soak in iso/salt solution for an hour or so
    - Pour all of the iso/salt/slide solution into a zip lock bag
    - Shake the bag vigorously until you start seeing the little black flecks of resin
    - Use a bent pipe cleaner immediately after removing from the iso to scrape out any remaining resin

    Your piece should be absolutely spotless at this point.



    BTW, vinegar works wonders on water spots. Just a simple swish and rinse should do the trick.

  16. I have some milkshots on the first post, you just have to click on them to watch c:
  17. Are you from Cali or Kansas? You say your new piece came from Venice Beach, just curious...

  18. I'm from Kansas, my friend got it when he went up to Venice Beach, Cali.
  19. I picked up a gallon of simple green for $10 at ace hardware. WAYYYY cheaper than any other resin cleaning product. Works well for me so far. You let it sit in your bong for like 24 hours or so tho.
  20. Simple green or ISO alcohol and rock salt do the trick for me. Both are very cheap.

    U do take lil girly hits tho. :p

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