My new bong.

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  1. A good way to stash it would be to get a bong bag for it and just put it on your bed posed as a pillow. It's how I hide my tube when my dorm gets cleaned haha.

  2. I'm pretty sure your the only one who thought of criticizing her for being a girl. Also who are you to tell her how to smoke.
  3. lol hes saying if it was a male we would be talking shit.

    and the response about how he said picture and you thought he didnt know its a video. im 99% sure he meant picture quality is crap, which its obvious you know considering you own the laptop, took the video, and uploaded it. lol

    Damn, too many GC users have a problem with simple reading...

    looks like a good scoop for 50$, im a big fan of mini bongs. i like to smoke mini bongs because its so much chiller than having a huge 18inch big bore bong in your hand lol :bongin: :smoke:
  4. pretty neat little bong! really like the colors and the name really suits \t:bongin:\t:bongin:\t:bongin:

  5. Hahah now that I read that I see it that way, Guess I was a little :smoke:
  6. Looks like a nice little glass bong, i'd like to take a hit out of Charizard :smoke:

  7. I just put it in a lava lamp tube :p. It just sits in my closet, super easy to hide.

  8. Haha that's ingenious and I would totally do that but lava lamps are technically banned as well so that wouldn't work in my case, unfortunately.

  9. Why are they banned ;o.
  10. Sweet little grab ya got there! Time for a SKYPE SESSION! lol
  11. thats a nice piece....the glass looks thick. is it that heavy? keep cleaning till it shines and then dirtier her up again

  12. It isn't too heavy, but it does have pretty thick glass. Hahah, yeah, I cleaned it all the way and it's getting pretty dirty already, ahah.

  13. 1. I stand corrected you got me :D
    2. it makes you cooler!
    3. please do send me it! haha
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    Nope, it's not simple reading. It's multiple interpretations due to ambiguity. This was not a case of simple reading. You are looking to far into it, if anything you have a problem with simple reading :p

    Been waiting for you to post and clear this up :p
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    Hahah, alright, I'll do another milkshot sometime without ice this time.
  16. Sorry for the double post, but I added another milkshot without ice c:
  17. Girls doesn't exist on the Internet. Only the kitchen.

  18. Computers are portable c;

  19. And apparently proper English doesn't exist in your house.
  20. I'm still loving my bong :), haven't smoked out of anything expect for it since I've gotten it.

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