My new bong.

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    Here's my new bong, it's also my first bong. I bought it yesterday from a friend because he can't use it anymore. He got it from Venice Beach, California. It's a small bong and it has an ice catcher, the ice makes the smoke so smooth. The stem also has an extra slit for more bubbling and the glass is amazing. I bought it for 50$ and I'm very pleased. It was already named Charizard so I think I might just keep it the same name c: When I got it, it was pretty dirty so it took me a while to clean it. I still need to clean more in between the glass on the bowl, but it's kind of difficult.

    Here's a picture of Charizard.

    N a milk with ice.

    And a milk without ice. I'm just enjoying a beautiful day :), it's a little windy though, haha.
  2. your hot. Nice bong tho! how much did he pay for it? how tall is it? and yes the ice would make it nice especially on those hot days
  3. hahah, I'm not sure, I'll ask him. And it's about a foot tall. It's super small, I love it.
  4. Nice lil bong. Definitely worth the cash, wish I had cheaper glass around here, or friends selling pieces ever lol. Very appropriate name also, looks like a Charizard to me :)

  5. Where are you from? :eek: And yeah, I thought the name was perfect so I'm just keeping it that c;

  6. I'm from PA. And yes, a fitting name. Make sure to always feed your Charizard FIRE :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. Liking the color work on it, and for $50 I don't think anyone can tell you it wasn't a good pick up. Take good care of it and enjoy.
  8. Nice little bong, seems to get the job done nice. Its awesome that its glass on glass as well. Seems like a decent deal.
  9. This camera has 20/80 vision...

  10. I used my webcam.
  11. not too sound creepy but is your initials sadn?

    it totally did lolz

    nice lil bong tho
  12. Cool little bong!

    I like little bongs, good for on the go smokin'.
  13. I noticed three things:
    1. The picture is super blurry
    2. no one is criticizing because its a girl
    3. It needs to be filled with more smoke

  14. 1) it isn't a picture, it's a video.
    2) it doesn't really matter if i'm a girl or not.
    3) alright, i'll try again later, haha.
  15. lol that guy failed hard, he didn't realize the image is just a crappy thumbnail that photobucket makes for linked videos :p He probably thought the ice (being all blurry) was smoke.

    As for the video, I thought it was a decent size snap. I never take huge hits myself either, I conserve too much. Still get very high :bongin: :bongin: :yay:
  16. Have to stop in and say I love the name of the bong!

    I have been wanting to pick up a mini bong so bad lately! this thread has made me even more restless :)

  17. I love the name of it aswell c;, very fitting.

    I'm so glad I stuck with a smaller bong, so easy to take around, it fits into my purse perfectly. Which is very helpful since I'm not even supposed to be smoking in my house :p.

  18. But everyone knows the house is the best place to smoke!

    I would be way to scared to put my bong in a bag since its a bit over a foot tall, I would destroy that before I made it out the door :)

  19. Yeah, I know right. My moms a former methhead so, she's really anal about drugs now and she's becoming a drug and alcohol consular, yay me.. But my grandma is completely opposite on the whole thing.

    Hahah, but yeah, when I put Charizard in my bag I'm just careful. Probably gonna start keeping it at home until I move out.

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