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My New Bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonerJay, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Just picked her up about three days ago and finally got around to snapping a pic while adding in some fresh water for tonight. This is my second bong since I started smoking. Just thought id share I hope to be picking up an ash catcher in the next month before 4/20 :D She gets me to a high ive never attained before in life. I will put some milkshots up soon as I get a chance:smoke:

    Double Perc
    Diffused downstem
    18.8 I believe joint size but i honestly dont even know.


    Get High
  2. nice man. congrats
  3. its got a weird bowl
  4. it looks like a diffuser and the "bowl" is a joint adapter for the bowl, hard to tell though.
  5. How much did it run you? One of my bongs is exactly like it and it cost me 125 at my local headshop

  6. thanks :smoke:

    I was cleaning the bowl when I took that shot. What you see is the downstem and adapter for the bowl.

    Well if it is the same in construction and glass thickness you got a little better deal. I paid $160 and knew it wasnt the cheapest but I didnt wanna order one and it looked like the best bong that I could get locally. Its perfect, heavy, very thick glass probably 7mm, and sits perfectly I could add a pretty big ash catcher and it still wouldnt be wobbly at all.
  7. That's really nice. I'd definitely buy that if I had the $ :bongin:

  8. Its a downstem, the slide (bowl) slides into the downstem kind of like a penis going into a vagina. Looks like a 18mm setup which is what I prefer as well. Have fun with it!
  9. Congrats on the buy, looks like a superb bong. Enjoy smokin outta that monster. :)

  10. Thanks :)

    haha yeah thats how it works like the way you said it haha:D

    Thanks im sure im gonna enjoy it for a long time :)

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