My new Bong. Everybody see this thing and give me your opinions!

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  1. So this is my new bong that i bought at the head shop by my house. I got it for $80. I haven't gotten to use it yet but that's coming tonight probably. Can't wait. What do you guys think of this bad boy? It's got a diffused down stem, ice catcher, and a matching bowl from the beaker bottom and mouth piece. It's gotta be like 5-7mm glass. It's heavy as a canon ball. Just thought I'd show you guys and see what you think. How do you think the value of the piece is considering the amount of cashed i dropped for it?

    P.S. Sorry for the shitty pictures. Didn't have time to set up an appropriate back drop.


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  2. Score in my opinion.
  3. Yeah cool colors- how does it rip??

    (the bowl isnt my fav- but it matches)

    for 80? nice
  4. Haven't gotten to use it yet. But i sure will tomorrow night!
  5. man thats a great piece for a great price. let us know how it rips.
  6. I'll post a video tomorrow. haa
  7. Any suggestions on what i should name it?
  8. Very nice. I like the color scheme.
  9. Very nice. I like the color scheme.
  10. Not bad man. It looks like a nice basic pipe that ought to milk nicely. It's a better deal with the diffused downstem too.

    Idk if you got hooked up but if you're at a LHS 90% of the time if you deal with the owners and get all buddy buddy and act interested and ask them how much - you can usually get like $10-$15 off easily. If that was sticker price.
  11. everything ya need and nothing ya don't :smoke: cool pickup dude
  12. Nice dude, I'd be happy with that for 80 fo sho!
  13. Look pure and simple.
  14. Name it El Diablo or just Diablo

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