My New Baby

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by demon666, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. This is it at about 4 days. I plucked the seeds out of a bag of some Alien KB i got...

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  2. and one more pic...

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  3. Tender loving Care,thats all ya need.[​IMG]
  4. thick stalk alrdy nice work :)
  5. yea thick stalk how did you do it? was there any tequnique or is it the genetics?
  6. most likely there is a fan on it to strenthen the stalk
  7. Is it the wind that shakes it or the fresh air that makes it thicker?Thanks
  8. I think the wind makes the plant swing from side to side, which makes the plant thinks that it needs to reduce this swinging. In order to do this, it has to strengthen the stem...This is what my theory is ...I can be wrong ....( I hope not)
  9. I would keep a fan on at least low on the plants at all times during the light cycle, fans strenghen the plants stems and help with circulation.
  10. it kinda needs that thick stalk right now tho cause its like prolly 3 inches tall with 2 lil leaves mine is a bit past that but i am going for being smaller and trying to get it to stop stretching i bend mine back and forth its like 2 weeks old now and is on 3 nodes as of today saw lil ones pop out yippii but ahh maybe try keeping it down cause its in a window like mine is but i am geting it out n the sun soon cause windows make the plants stretch kidna peace i guess i am just babling on

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