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  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390258243.692534.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390258311.962957.jpg I got it like 3 days ago the black fish is named derpy :) I like to stare at the tank after smoking xP I watched it for like an hour yesterdaySent from my iPod touch us
  2. Aquariums are often more entertaining than TV! I have a 26 gallon in the living room and a few 10 gallon ones scattered through the house. I find is amusing that my huge ugly monster of a plecostomus is a gentle giant, while the gorgeous, iridescent blue, betta is nothing but a bully, always nipping at the other fish.
    Keep an eye on your fish's eyes- that type of goldfish, a Black Moor, is prone to eye damage.
  3. Fish are so chill
  4. Next investment.
  5. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391336986.041098.jpg Sorry guys I couldn't resist xDBeer Before Budz, Stuck in the muds ButBudz Before beerYour in the clear!
  6. Tanks r awesome! Why not try for a planted aquascape? For $20 more you can order java moss and attach them to driftwood and some other free floating plants as well. Snails and algae eaters r great investments, and also some brine shrimp to hatch to live-feed.

    Go youtube: nano aquascape. You'll find great inspiration to give your fish a better life and habitat.

    Btw, live plants can help you keep your tank clean and oxygenated.

    I had a gold fish that grew from a quarter coin size to a soda can size. Had alot of worms to feed em and live plants.

  7. Love aquariums. I have an aquarium with a turtle in the living room I really enjoy after smoking. Window into another world.

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  8. I have a 55 gallon with a atleast 13 inch orange tiger oscar he's Awsome. Then I have another 55 gallon with two turtles in it an a koi fish. An a Betta that's my wife's in the kitchin
  9. I've got a 90g Tanganyika community tank and have been setting up a 135g the last few weeks which will be a tropheus tank.  Fun stuff!
  10. What plants do you big aquarium owners recommend? And is it hi-tech/low tech? Do you recommend a co2 diffuser for the plants?
    Im planning a heavy rainforest style planted 20-gal tank with two bettas, male and female.

    Probably will add tetras

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  11. aquariums are fuckin bad, man
    its like a lava lamp..but with fish..a-and no lava
  12. fish are awesome. I used to have a 55 gal salt water reef tank but had to take it down. it was the best blazed

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  13. That is cute, had an aquarium once then I used it to grow

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  14. Awesome man. I love having fish tanks. Long ago I managed a large aquatics department where we ran 5 systems that were around 1k gallons each. I started out with freshwater stuff for a few years then got bored with the selection and switched to saltwater. I am waiting until we buy a house to set up another but this is my last reef tank. 12-5-06-2.jpg
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  15. Oof, i wont touch reef again. It's like having a baby!

    I will say it was amazing, every square inch was teaming with life.

    I had a nice hard coral setup,and went through a bad power outage and lost a good amount of stuff. Never recovered.

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