My new amp :)

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  1. That looks like a sweet amp indeed...what kind of tubes does it run and how many watts is it? I'm guessing EL84's or 6V6's. Amps like that are great cause it doesn't take so much volume to get that great power tube overdrive.:)
  2. First of all, great amp...tell us more about it, man

    And secondly, I have that same Grateful Dead poster (very nice taste)
  3. Well basicly I went into the shop to buy a Peavey Valveking royal 8, which is basicly a little 5 watt valve combo with an 8" speaker, but there weren't any in and the assistant mentioned they had a deal on the Blackheart heads - down from £150 to £100, so I had a go with an SG off the wall and it blew me away.

    Came back the next day and bought it along with the cab you see, which I got for £80 second hand (they're about £180 new). What a mission getting them home on the train though! Ouch! Shoulders were killing me lugging it through the city centre of Glasgow.

    Its basicly a little two valve head, one preamp tube (an 12AX7) and one power tube (an EL84). Its actually very very sweet, it has a 3watt / 5watt switch which allows natural distortion on the 3watt setting at a lower volume (still fuccking loud though) compared to the 5watt, which has much much more headroom. Roll down the volume and its a beautiful clean tone (begging for me to replace my pickups for P90s tho!)

    The other thing I was really impressed with was the speaker outputs - its got a 16 ohm, two 8 ohm and two 4 ohm outputs - which allow a nice range of cabs to be attached - but I'd have to say the marshall 1912 is more than enough for me :)

    Anyway it sounds beautiful. I got out of bed this morning, switched it on, let it warm up, cranked it to 10 and blasted out some Neil Young followed by one of my favourite riffs.. Megadeth - Tornado of Souls:


    I almost came - it sounded that good.

    My neighbours are going to hate me :)

    Oh! And I love that Grateful Dead poster, too. Probably my favourite poster, actually.
  4. Sounds like a great amp, my experience in low wattage tube amps amounts to me having spent a while with a cranked Valve Junior and a cranked vintage 50's fender champ...I love those low wattage amps haha. The crunchy, fat sound you get at much more managable volumes is great. I've got 100 watt, 50 watt, 60 watt, and 15 watt tube amps and none of them can get power tube overdrive at very reasonable Playing guitar is indeed extremely fun. Have fun with that amp, I just rolled up a j so I'm gonna blaze that shit.:smoking:
  5. I'm dry. What I'd give to be able to have a smoke and then just play guitar for a few hours. :(

    The only problem with the amp setup is that its an absolute PAIN to move. Its impossible to lug the head, cab and guitar case (I don't have three hands), and even worse because I don't have a freakin' car.
  6. Heh it's alright if you're dry, you just gotta do what you gotta do to get herb and sometimes you get dry spells.

    Yeah I feel ya on that, having an amp and cab setup and having to carry the guitar and possible pedals is near impossible without a car...the only solution is to have jams at your place haha.:cool:

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