my new ak47 outdoor mother.

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  1. o.k so i got given an ak47 plant from seed that was about four weeks old mabee. since i have put her (and she is a her) in a gallon pot. and seein as im growing outdoor organicly i thought no nutriants. i havnt given her any nutrients at all. im thinking of taking cuttings and pruning her (wich i have been doing) until early december, then flowering her. hopefully yielding a big ass crop from all the brances. see cutting half or most a brance off makes two more or even four more grow sometimes, two from lower on the branch. then after cropping near christmas regenerating my mother and trimming the roots for next year. heres a couple of pics from just after i got given my ak47 and now but its nearly midite so shes sleeping. ive cut back the bottom for new growth , more branches.....

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  2. what i really need to know is how to root cuttings without humidity domes or temp contollers. the warmest closet in my house is about 19 20 C so not really warm or humid? ive failed with rooting gel and powder in cutting and germination soil. so now im tryin jus putting the 45 degree cut clones in a cup of water and there still alive but for how long? and does anyone reckon thell shoot sum roots?

    also does anyone know the perfect day to night ratio or lighting hours to make your mother proper bush out and stay shortish but not go into flower?

    ill get sum new pics off my mother and hopefully some new cuttings soon....
  3. right then here we are my ak47 at about 12 in the afternoon on a mild day. she looks healthy even tho ive never given her food. i bought my soil from a grow shop : allmix 1 part coco fibre 1 part perlite 2 or 3 part soil i think. must be good if my baby's not looking like she has any deficiancy's. could anyone see any improvments? bare in mind i cut down the bottom but soon there will be more growth there.

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