**My New 5mm Vertigo Glass Inline Tube + LW Disc Diffused slide!

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    So this is a late post but Wednesday (the day AFTER 4/20 :mad:) my Vertigo inline tube and Luke WIlson disc diffused were sitting in a nice box on my door step. :smoking:

    It's a 5mm thick tube that stands at 14 3/4" from the base to the top. The joint is 18.8 and it has 15 flame polished slits and a sandblasted "Vertigo" logo.

    The guy I bought it from also threw in a Luke Wilson Disc Diffused slide. :hello:

    PICTURE TIME! (These were the pics from the for sale thread. I'm using these because they are better than my cell phone's camera lol)





    I'll try to get a milk up by today. This thing is the perfect hit every time!. I'm in love!
  2. Haha! I'm in love too! That thing is a monstrosity! How much did you drop on it?:bongin:
    P.s. Hurry on that milk!;):bongin:
  3. Gotta love vertigo, I'm sure that thing stacks.
  4. :lol: Thanks dude. This is definitely a keeper. The milvid will be at the bottom of this post. :)
    Yeah yo I got bubbles up to about the top of the joint give or take. I love this tube!!!!



    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQNKgPiTTWQ]YouTube - **Vertigo Glass Inline Tube + Luke Wilson Disc Diffused Rips[/ame]
  5. sick bong man. how do you like the disc diffused slide? im thinking about getting one for my syn
  6. I love it. The airflow as great and it leaves the perfectly lit bowl every time. I feel like it's been saving me bud, too.
  7. that's such a sick piece dude. vertigo is killing it.
  8. I traded my Sheldon Black fixed-stem beaker and a Mike Fro push for the Inline and the LW. :)
    Straight up!
  9. Bump for love? :D

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