My new 23" 3 Percolator Bong

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  1. Got me a new 23" bong. It was supposed to be 3 percolators x 6 diffused trees on each perc. 2 of mine got 6 trees and the top 1 only has 4 trees but it still functions the same lol. I also got a 14mm ash catcher percolator as well which has 11 trees and 14mm bubbler bowl and 14mm 6" diffused downstem which fits into the 18mm downstem hole on the bong. Hits are absolutely amazing. You can fill the bowl with medical all the way to the top and clear the whole bowl in one lung hit and it is still smooth as hell. Very good investment. $200 including shipping from Canada to Arkansas :)

    Got this bong a couple weeks back off Very good trustworthy website from what I can say. I live in Arkansas and this place is somewhere in Canada....needless to say, I ordered on a Sunday night and my bong and parts got here by thursday, so very fast shipping.

    lol Sorry for not cleaning it first....I gotta go get some 420 cleaner!

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  2. That thing's huge! Get us a milk video ASAP.
  3. wow.

    take care of her man! she's a beauty
  4. Those are some nasty percs, btw. Run some acetone through it and you'll be resin free!
  5. i just dont see why you need an ashcatcher on your ashcatcher; seems overkill especially the fact of having like 10 arms in the ash catcher and then 3 more percs! idk seems like too much effort to hit imo but hey whatever floats your boat and gets you high

    Enjoy :smoking: :bongin:
  6. dude keep her clean..

    or you'll pass out from the drag that moster creates..

  7. I say you should have saved your money and invested in quality glass. You could have gotten an Apix Design king stemline for that price. An Apix King stemline would hit a LOT better than that draggy bitch, IMO. :bongin:
  8. hell yeah, I'd pop a blood vessel sucking a hit through that thing. 6 different points of water filtration is overkill and really unneeded. If I had to use it I would take off both ash catchers.
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    lol all you haters out there it doesn't drag at all....i have no trouble clearing a bowl....and really imo you can't have too much filtration of smoke...This IS a quality piece of glass...not too sure what apix is but if it costs more than 200 bucks then you got ripped off really when there are options like this out there haha

    If i had an HD camera you would see that each little tree pipe in each percolator is diffused with 3 slits on the side and 1 on the bottom so it doesn't cause drag unless you just absolutely never change the bong water lol.

  10. Just so you know, this forum isn't to friendly about china glass. You're pretty much asking for a flame war if you try to defend china glass on this forum :bongin:

    When you say that there is a slit on the bottom of each tree, that indicates that these are closed end tree percs. Closed end tree percs aren't quality glass man :rolleyes:

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ you saying there's no drag :D

    Actually most of Apix Design's pieces are under $200 lolol

    If you think that bong is quality, wait until you hit some REAL quality glass. You will be blown off your feet :bongin:
  11. Op, you should take a video of you milking it and post it up
  12. Haha you don't even know the brand or anything about them and your saying its a rip off. That was just an ignorant reply.

    What pieces or brands have you used that you are comparing this too.

  13. He could have said it a bit nicer, but he is right man. It sounds like you didn't get such a good deal. Did you buy at a LHS? More is not better when it comes to bongs. You certainly don't need two ashcatchers. Unless you want to keep the 10 arm clean, and if that's the case you should have realized when you buy a 10 arm ash catcher you have to constantly clean it.

    Quality glass is thick glass, blown by artists, and made with precision. China glass is made from cheap glass sources, very thin, poorly made, and bound to break.

    I will take my 12" Syn beaker bottom over any $30 acrylic/china glass beaker equivalent every day.

    You sound like you didn't fully research glass before you made a large purchase. Not a wise idea. Nothing you can do now, I would try and sell it to a friend and eventually save up for some decent glass. Until then, enjoy getting high with it.
  14. $200 worth of drag

  15. Seriously. Who in their right mind would call Apix Design a rip off? :confused:

    Dan is the man haha :bongin:
  16. Someone who knows very little about glass.

    OP, the main reason closed arm tree percs are frowned upon is because they restrict the airflow on the piece ridiculously. As for there not being any drag, I'm not too sure you understand what drag is. Go and smoke from a straight tube with only a showerhead downstem and you will feel what 0 drag is. But you have a lot of filtration which is what some people like, it just wasn't designed properly because it was made in China by someone who knows nothing about how glass functions. It sounds like you're happy with it, though. So enjoy it. Just do a little research next time you make a big glass purchase and I guarantee you will be worlds happier. :)

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