My new 20" Toro w/ 8 tree perc AND Space Case

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  1. Picked both of these up this weekend. I dont got any salt/alcohol left to clean it so sorry if some of the pics make it look a lil dirty. It has one of my roor diffusers on it, he sold me it w/o a female piece cuz i got plenty. Also some of the pics shown are with my roor crown label a/c. Lemme know whatchu guys think :bongin:

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  2. Damn, nice bro. Looks fuckin awesome with that ashcatcher.
  3. I think its overkill, but who cares, dank ass tubes.
  4. nice tube man! and grinder. i like the black color.
  5. thanks dudes
  6. Nice tube, man. Where's the milk?
  7. That is a sliiiiiiiick logo. I have the same tube but like 2 inches shorter and i absolutely love it. Good pick, especially with the blasted logo and blasted base. Nice choice of grinders too.
  8. Man I think I may have had an accident in my pants when I saw that :hello:
    enjoy my friend and take care of her...she will treat you well. hahaha


    +rep for that sexy glass
  9. Nice glass, I need to find my fuckin grinder, I have lost 5! I look around my house all the time but can never fuckin find any.
  10. haha i havent hit it yet, im about to pack it up now ill have a milkshot up ina few
  11. i live in mass too, did you buy your glass at a local headshop?
  12. sort of, my gf goes to school down in providence so i picked it up at OPM well i was down there
  13. heres the milkshot for those of you who asked

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  14. Thats a wicked piece of glass dude..thanks for the milk breh
  15. Hell ya dude, kramer ftw too lol.
  16. thanks dudes, haha i didnt even see the kramer in the pic til u pointed it out
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  17. Wow. Just wow. That's fucking amazing.
  18. SICK TUBE!!! :smoking::smoking::smoking: I want a toro so bad!!!!
  19. nice bong man!!! and grinder!

    i wanna get an aluminum grinder so bad
  20. yeah i really like the space case i got now considering the popo took my last one

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